How to Use WordPress to Make Money Blogging – Review of Leanne King’s New Guide

There are many ways to use the free blogging platform WordPress to make money.

From creating simple salespages to review sites to article directories to paid forums to fancy e-stores, there is actually very little you can’t do with WordPress when you have the right tools and step-by-step instructions.

Great, but easy to understand (if you’re not a programmer), comprehensive, up-to-date descriptions of how to set up WordPress blogs to make money  (the best plugins, themes, graphics, e-stores, etc.) can be hard to find.

Enter Leanne King, otherwise known as the WP Queen. Leanne has an e-book guide that offers beginners and advanced users everything they need in one place. With clear screenshots and prose, she covers:

how to install WordPress on one or more sites at a time
how to quickly customize the appearance and function of your blog
the best plugins and themes depending on the kind of site you’re creating
how to create various specialty sites. She groups them into projects, so in a very short time you can learn how to create professional looking membership blogs, e-stores … even employment directories

Leanne has tested what she recommends like mad on her own sites to make sure it’s solid. She also keeps up to date with any changes in WordPress. As long as you get the upgrade version of the guide, you’ll be informed if anything in the book is no longer valid.  She has a great video package if you find it easier to learn techniques that way.

After reading only a few chapters I was able to improve one of my blogs in ways that I had no clue about before. It was staggering how much time I had wasted trying to find useful information online beforehand. I truly had almost pulled my hair out as a result. Now I have a treasure trove of tutorials for how to set up many different kinds of money making blogs, either for myself or future clients. 

I recommend that you check out Leanne’s guide at so you can stop wasting time trying to find useful information and start to use WordPress to make money blogging.

Make Money Online With Google Posting Links – Make Money Posting Links For Google

Make Money Online With Google Posting Links

Google became a household name long ago. We hear about them everywhere, in fact the word Google has become synonymous with the phrase ‘online search’. We don’t search for things online anymore – we Google things.

What a lot of people don’t know about Google, is that they have free programs that can be used to make a lot of money. I’ve been using them for a few years now. However, you have to be very careful when you’re looking into learning how this all works. There are literally hundreds of scammers out there that are looking for people like you – people who are trying to learn how to make money by posting links for Google so make sure to look into any company you’re thinking about giving money to. Make Money Online With Google Posting Links

Here’s the basic idea. Google has a program called AdSense that anyone can use. When you use this program, Google allows you to borrow their sponsored links, and place them on your website or blog. You don’t get paid for posting the links, but you do get paid when people click on them. Google charges their advertisers on a per-click basis so they get paid when you generate a click for them. They will in turn give you about 50% of the profit.

There are probably a lot of people who read this article that won’t know how to create a website or blog. It actually isn’t that difficult and there are many places that you can learn how to do this. is a great resource because they will let you create a blog there for free. will also let you create web pages for free, on their site. Both of these services will allow you to use AdSense to make money.

What you want to do now is simply get started. You will need to learn how to blog or create web pages and if you can do that, you can make money with AdSense. Posting links for Google is a great way to make money online. Make Money Online With Google Posting Links

Always dream of having Financial Freedom but having no clue?

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Legitimate Work From Home Jobs – Legitimate Business Opportunities That Make Easy Money Online

Legitimate work from home businesses opportunities that make money online. Have you ever wanted to be your own boss, or just wanted to earn a little extra cash working from home? With so many work from home opportunities out there, how does one choose the right one? More importantly, how does one avoid getting scammed.

The general rule of thumb is, if it sounds too good to be true, then chances are it is a scam. High earning of over $ 5,000 in your first week are very unlikely. Beware of these baiting techniques. There are legitimate work from home jobs available. Depending on how much time you have per month, your skill level and how much you want to earn, you can easily find a well suited business.

One of the most common work at home jobs is data entry work, you can choose what kind of entry work you want to do. You could do, Transcription, Secretarial work, Data Base Management, Article Typing ,Tutoring, Response Typist, Data Proof reader, Data Collections Research, Marketing Typist etc.

Doing online surveysis probably one of the easiest forms on income. Hundreds of companies and agencies out there pay top dollar to hear your opinion and what you think. Large companies and corporations need to have independent surveys done to focus on their products and branding champagnes to see what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong to capture a market sector. No company can afford to launch a global brand that will fail. So, your opinion is worth a lot to them, hence they are prepared to pay for it.

My favourite choice is Affiliate Marketing.It is still the most profitable and easiest to operate once properly trained and setup. There are many people making thousands of dollars per day using special methods to generate traffic to their websites, which intern converts into serious sales commissions.

Why chose Affiliate Marketing as an internet home based business?

You choose which niche markets to work in
You choose which products you want to sell
You don’t need to carry any stock at all
You don’t need to communicate directly with customers
There is no capital outlay or any risks
You are not limited to working hours or time zones
You have global customers 24 hours a day
System can work on auto pilot when setup correctly
Your websites can generate continued passive income
No real skill is required, only proper training

These opportunities are low risk, and offer regular returns quickly. However, your earnings are directly proportionate to the amount of time you invest.

Which ever legitimate job you choose, you should be able to get recent testimonials from people who have previously joined the business opportunity. Avoid all MLM and pyramid schemes, they are all scams and guarantee failure.

The good news is that there are online home based business review organisations, they filter out the work from home jobs from the scams out there. Over 95% of the so called work at home opportunities are scams.

Starting up a legitimate work from home business is really easy and simple, with the right guidance and right choice of business you can really make good money on the internet.

For for information please visit

Make Money Completing Surveys Online

Have you ever run across one of those ads on the Internet that promises great earnings from completing surveys online? After a hectic day at a job you’re not crazy about, it does seem tempting. It’s easy to dream about how great it would be to make money just by expressing your opinion in some online surveys. But the chances of sitting back, filling in a couple of surveys a day, and watching the money roll into your PayPal Account are very slim.

That is not to say that you can’t make money completing surveys online. You can. But if you’ve seen an ad claiming that someone made $ 250 just by filling in a survey, there’s a little more to the story than that. Occasionally, for a highly targeted demographic, a marketing research firm will pay a nice sum for a survey, but it is far from the norm. Usually, marketing research firms pay more in the neighborhood of $ 2 to $ 20 per survey.

If you want to make money completing surveys online, you need to find research marketing firms and sign up with them. You’ll have to hand over your name, email, and a certain amount of personal information. For that reason alone, you should be careful. Make sure that any marketing research firm you sign with has a privacy policy that you can agree to. After all, you’ll be providing quite a bit of personal information, and you don’t want it mishandled or sold.

You should sign up with at least a dozen marketing research firms, perhaps more. The number of surveys you’ll be sent will depend on what demographic a particular firm is looking at. The typical rate is one per month per marketing research firm, though sometimes it is more. While you can make money completing surveys online, it does require time, work, and commitment.

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How You Can Make Money With Online Surveys

Contemporary era or Web era has revolutionized almost everything. Though it’s got shrunk the globe, but in the same time it’s got isolated us as a person. These are the actually tough instances for older citizens of any country. However they want not worry and may invest their time in on-line survey. What is it and the way does it help to obtain inspired and stay match.

On line survey is commissioned by different providers to market the start of a product or to market an notion. Occasionally an idea’s success is evaluated via this medium. Every single effective survey pays the individual. Which means you get compensated for doing on the web survey.Although the quantity is nominal but enough to inspire you and get you began and maintain you engaged.

These on line surveys are of two varieties. There are some analysis businesses who ask to get a fixed onetime payment for acquiring you registered. While others don’t want need any payment from you. Once you get registered by having an online analysis web sites, you happen to be sent surveys practically each day and inside a time period you are needed to deliver again the completed survey. On the web survey may be the most convenient and easy method to make capital on line.

The one problem is to come across a genuine study group and know the item which is able to generate you funds. At instances you will discover delivers also with the online survey. These surveys provide you with a chance to understand concerning the item just before it is launched in the market. At times there are actually survey on motion pictures and food goods.

On the net surveyis an interesting method of creating instant cash but be chary of obtaining cheated and it could be recommended for those who develop into an associate of a person whom you know. By doing this the percentage of obtaining duped decreases. It really is a type of affiliate advertising and marketing and also you even make by referrals. So it is actually a multi-layered and when channelized properly it might fetch you enough capital.

Quite a few men and women, who have been in a position to make a foothold on on the internet survey, have created it a complete time work rather than component time employment. They have graduated towards the higher by making referrals and higher commitment. So what ever the medium, only determination can give you greater and greater outcomes. However it is even beneficial for those people who cannot give a whole lot of time. It really is anyway will give money and display results.

Stay relaxed and affected person; you might understand the tricks in the trait. Every single new business needs love and care so does on the internet survey! It’s not that you will start gaining from the very first day, however the earnings will come. Once more I’ll recommend make an effort to get registered with an individual who will enable you to to grow and prosper. Contacts are the only way by which it is possible to pay money for the right study engines. There is no age limit for on line survey; anyone can consider survey even children as well as the teens. So, to obtain the survey to your age complete the form offered on the survey websites.

There are plenty of approaches to make money, but mainly are not straightforward to obtain attain. But I like survey, do you know how to make money from taking surveys, you could make money from on the net surveys really very easily. If you wish to know the top survey panel or how you can get started go to make money from online surveys.