Being a single mother is a tough job, you have to play the role of a nurturing mother and a provider at the same time without compromising the welfare of your children. Many single moms out there are career moms too. Learning how to balance your workload with your responsibilities at home and to your kids is indeed an extra challenge but it is possible. In order for single moms to be successful in whatever career path they may follow they need information about career help, career tips, career advice and resources to help them achieve that goal.

Keeping a balance between your chosen career and the time you allot with your kids is an important but challenging task that seems troublesome especially when you think that you need 25 hours a day to do it all. But there are available help for working moms like you, whether its about taking care of your kids while working at home or keeping up with your kids if you have a career outside. Still, nothing is impossible for a dedicated single mom like you. There are websites that will help you get advice and tips on how to budget your time at work and at home.

There are also career advice for women that will include assessment, planning and evaluation of your skills are made available online which will help you find jobs for single moms that will allow you to make a comfortable living while spending more time with your kids in the easiest way as possible.

There are online resources to help you get the most out of your unemployment benefits, what to do when searching for a new job, and how to cope and anything about change in career. You may also find resources to help you look for Good jobs for women, what kind of job fits well with your skill set and experience level, and how to network and utilize contacts to help you become the successful working mom.

However, these are just facts that presented to you; it will never be a reality unless you will take a proactive step. So look online to see what career awaits you and check them out or start to follow your own career path. This is the best way to star to get yourself achieve your goals as a career woman and especially as a single mother.

About the Author:
Jezreel Billings is a freelance writer and a single mom of two children. She is residing in Michigan and coping with the life of an individual parent. She likes to read topics and articles about changing career advice.