How to Use WordPress to Make Money Blogging – Review of Leanne King’s New Guide

There are many ways to use the free blogging platform WordPress to make money.

From creating simple salespages to review sites to article directories to paid forums to fancy e-stores, there is actually very little you can’t do with WordPress when you have the right tools and step-by-step instructions.

Great, but easy to understand (if you’re not a programmer), comprehensive, up-to-date descriptions of how to set up WordPress blogs to make money  (the best plugins, themes, graphics, e-stores, etc.) can be hard to find.

Enter Leanne King, otherwise known as the WP Queen. Leanne has an e-book guide that offers beginners and advanced users everything they need in one place. With clear screenshots and prose, she covers:

how to install WordPress on one or more sites at a time
how to quickly customize the appearance and function of your blog
the best plugins and themes depending on the kind of site you’re creating
how to create various specialty sites. She groups them into projects, so in a very short time you can learn how to create professional looking membership blogs, e-stores … even employment directories

Leanne has tested what she recommends like mad on her own sites to make sure it’s solid. She also keeps up to date with any changes in WordPress. As long as you get the upgrade version of the guide, you’ll be informed if anything in the book is no longer valid.  She has a great video package if you find it easier to learn techniques that way.

After reading only a few chapters I was able to improve one of my blogs in ways that I had no clue about before. It was staggering how much time I had wasted trying to find useful information online beforehand. I truly had almost pulled my hair out as a result. Now I have a treasure trove of tutorials for how to set up many different kinds of money making blogs, either for myself or future clients. 

I recommend that you check out Leanne’s guide at so you can stop wasting time trying to find useful information and start to use WordPress to make money blogging.

WordPress SEO Tips

Here are some steps you should take to optimize your WordPress blog for search engines:

1. Change the Permalink Structure: By default, the Permalink structure in WordPress is very dirty, with url’s being shown as ?p123 etc. You can easily change this by going to the permalinks tab of the WordPress settings, and using a custom structure like /%postname%/

2. Optimize your Meta Tags: Write unique title tags for every page, and also write meta description tags for every page. You can use the all in one seo pack to make your life easier.

3. Use only excerpts of your post on the home page, category page and tag pages. This should help you to avoid facing duplicate content issues

4. Use the Xml Sitemaps plugin to generate a sitemap. The plugins default settings are fine. Simply upload and activate the plugin and you’re fine. But one other thing I do is to submit the sitemap to Google.

5. Use Proper Internal Linking Structure: It is very important to maintain a good linking structure within your blog. It helps keep visitors on your blog and helps in improving search engine rankings. Here are some steps you can take to improve your internal linking structure:

6. Optimize your Images: some of the ways you can do this in are – Use keywords in the alt attribute. – Include keywords in the image names – Enter a description in the title tag. – Use the Seo Friendly Images Plugin

7. Ping Sites after publishing new posts. Go to the Writing Tab and scroll down to the update services box. Add a list of sites you want to ping when you publish new posts in the box.

8. make sure your code is valid. Use the W3C Validator to check the same.


make sure that your blog title is an h1 on the home page and that your post titles are an h1 on the post pages.

10. Choose between www and non www version of your site and redirect one to the other. You can use the Redirection Plugin for this. Another plugin which you can use is the enforce www preference. I redirect the non www to the www, but you can do whatever you want, it doesn’t really matter. Also, you might want to redirect the index.php version of your site to the homepage.

11. Lastly, use a related posts plugin, and use simple text based navigation. Also, optimize your anchor text when you link to other pages.

For A list of the best WordPress plugins, check out this post on Best WordPress Plugins. Another post you might like is this roundup of the Best Web Layouts

WordPress Themes Explained

WordPress Themes essentially are site templates developed particularly for your WP CMS. Every single theme is made from up recordsdata that are called “template files”. Themes include image data files (*.jpg, *.gif), custom-built template files, customized pages, fashion sheets (*.css) and any essential code information (*.php). The “WordPress Theme Directory” could be the official site for WP Themes.

Initially, WordPress provides two themes for every new installation. Making use of the WP admin panel you are able to switch amongst the two templates. Some well-liked cost-free WordPress Templates are Ahimsa, Blue Diffusion, and Black Brown. You can find also a lot of Quality WP themes avalible for invest in. The normal value of the top quality WP template is all around $ 60 so they may be quite reasonable. A main gain of top quality themes is that they glance much better and have much more attributes than the cost-free templates. An instance of attributes found in most high quality themes are; custom widgets, numerous coloring schemes, template selections panel, and customized navigation.

Listed below are some tips about the way to add new themes in your WP installation:

·Download the brand new theme and extract the many recordsdata. Continually comply with the instructions presented from the template author.

·You are going to then access the host net server working with an FTP client. Produce a Directory to comprise the Theme as wp-subject material/themes/joy. Here Theme brand is joy.

·Being a 3rd action, on your own host server, upload the Theme data towards the new directory.

·The survive stage should be to log in to the Administration Panel and activate the brand new theme.

“Liteblog” is often a common free WordPress Theme.

It incorporates a contemporary come to feel and functions on IE7, IE8, Safari, Chrome, Opera and so forth. It’s also an easily customizable theme. “Unread” is one more cost-free template that may be widget ready and advertisement all set having a rotationg Freatured Image section to the house site.

Centizero, Sintagma, Blue Company, and SOFA 1 Sheet Folio are some examples of common quality themes. eQuator is usually a beneficial top quality theme for everyone who wishes to start out a individual blog site. My WordPress is usually a top quality theme with capabilities like webpage-navigation prepared, ad optimization prepared, and is very SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING friendly.

Comprehending all there is usually to know about WordPress Templates just isn’t often uncomplicated. Luckily you’ll be able to get anything you would like appropriate right here at WordPress Templates

The Number 1 Wp Plugins

Finding the finest plugins for wordpress is a weariful effort. There is a enormous database attributed to plugins at For every plugin there is an info page including ratings. User reviews are missing, however. It presently lists the plugins and you must go through all of the plugins. Some plugins you even catch easier on any seach engine than on So we provide a catalogue of plugins that you ought to without doubt check out. A outline of necessary wordpress plugins we provide below. To boost your search engine optimization, control spam, have more wordpress user engagement we advise you to add the upcoming plugins.

The plugins in this article are from a variety of categories but from these only the finest. The greatest plugins for you are below:

For Search engine optimization I recommend Greg’s High Performance SEO. The competition are not as technical but this plugin uses less code. Over and above it integrates to a greater degree with your wordpress installation. It authorizes you to add meta descriptions, meta tags, titles, etc. Moreover, you may attach a another description and a another title to upgrade your site’s rankings.All In One SEO is a correct substitute to Greg’s SEO Plugin. It is easier to launch and is utilized by most wp users.

Utilize Sharebar to have your visitors tweet, recommend and share your posts. Adjacent to your posts a good looking floating bar is shown when utilizing this plugin. To like your articles users do not have to scroll. If your visitors’ screen is too narrow Sharebar displays the recommend buttons under your post’s heading.

For distinct reasons you doubtlessly must back up your database. On the occasion that you have corrupted your database once you are schooled that backing it up is worth gold. Via electronic mail the plugin WordPress Database Backup forwards you daily database backups.Google XML Sitemaps builds an xml sitemap that you can submit to google, yahoo and bing. As a result your wordpress blog is indexed quicker and the search engines usually have the knowledge that there is different text and where to send its spiders.Twitter Tools WordPress Plugin is a default plugin for a considerable amount of wp bloggers. It was developed by Alex King – one of the most popular plugin programmers. You may automatically publish virgin posts to your Twitter account using Twitter Tools. Over and above, it authorizes you to display your fresh tweets from your wp sidebar.SI CAPTCHA adds captcha to the WordPress comment form, login form, registration form, or all of them. Which forms must display the captcha and which ones must not the blog administrator is able to pick out. The captcha can be hidden for registered users with certain rights (publish articles, moderate commments, admins, edit blog posts. Also, it offers audio captcha and more customization features.To view forms on your wp blog Gravity Posts is the best solution. It is standout. This form creates articles, offers image and media uploads, provides conditional logic, and even more than that. You may call it the form plugin for wordpress.

The author’s blog “Best Plugins for WordPress” reviews the supreme plugins for wordpress. {Recent reviews were for example written about: Gallery Plugins for WordPress

Have you ever wanted to know the difference of and What is WordPress? Never fear Matt, with, explains.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

WordPress Designer – Joomla Versus WordPress

Both Joomla and WordPress are established web design applications used by millions of websites across the world. Web Design Companies and web designers have in general supported various open source software for developing websites. Joomla and WordPress are two of the most popular ones and have established communities on the internet. There are hundreds of quality forums and blogs dedicated specifically towards the use of Joomla and WordPress for designing websites. Other web design and content management systems including Drupal and Typo3 have also proved popular and effective. However WordPress and Joomla seem to have an edge over the others in terms of global popularity and use.

WordPress v/s Joomla


WordPress probably scores higher in terms of usability, both from an end user as well as developer’s point of view. Due to its simplicity WordPress is easy to learn and get acclimatised to. However this is also due to the fact that Joomla offers many more features than WordPress and offers more advanced functionality. The new version of Joomla, the 1.5x version has made significant improvements in usability.


WordPress is better described as a blog software whereas Joomla is an advanced content management system. WordPress is excellent for publishing content. Joomla on the other hand offers many powerful features. There are Joomla components that target almost every industry and market.

Search Engine Cptimization

WordPress is known for its search engine optimisation advantages. By default WordPress is search engine friendly and webpages tend to rank high on Google. On the Joomla needs some customisation in order to target the full benefits from search engines. With the right customisation however, Joomla websites are equally capable of ranking high on search engines like Google. Any expert Joomla developer will design a website to be SEO friendly.


Joomla is easily scalable. Joomla can be used to design small websites as well for developing complex functionality on websites. WordPress is great out of the box and will work excellent if the only purpose of the website was to publish informational content. WordPress is great out of the box but limited somewhat for developing complicated web applications.


Joomla has clear advantages with regards to extending and integrating the website with other third party applications of software. Joomla has a well formed and powerful API that developers can use to extend the software or integrate with other systems as required. Joomla websites can be easily integrated with other sources or websites.

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Word Press GURU- WordPress introduction

Have you ever wished it was easy to set up a perfectly optimized blog?
That with just a few clicks, you could have your blog ranked in the search
engines, without spending days working on improving your search results?

If you don’t have the money to hire an SEO consultant, and don’t really want to
spend days, weeks, or even months working to get your site ranked highly in
the search engines, than this is the report for you. I’ve gathered some of the
most exclusive WordPress tweaks, tips, and plugins in this easy to read report.

When you’ve finished reading, you’ll know how to optimize your blog for SEO,
how to choose the perfect WordPress theme (it’s not just about appearance),
how to use the right plugins to get your site ranked highly in the search
engines, and how to tweak your WordPress based sites so that they run like a
dream, pull in traffic like mad, and rank highly for the search terms you’ve

WordPress really is one of the most effective pieces of software available for
web design. Many people use as their choice of blogging platform.
This is done mainly because it is free and can be done in a few seconds. This is
OK to a certain extent but the problem is that you are putting all your hard
work into someone else’s hands. Blogger can shut your blog down in an
instant, without even giving a reason.

This means all your hard work is gone for good and we don’t want that now do
we! So the choice for a more permanent solution, which puts everything in
your OWN hands, is to use

Again this is free and can be setup in just a few minutes.

The only thing you
require is a hosting account. These can be purchased for less than $ 10 per
month and you can have unlimited domains/blogs on them.
So they are well worth the money. I highly recommend

By using, you are also given instant access to plugins and tools
that aren’t available in These tools can make your blog more
favorable to the search engines, as well as more unique to your visitors. We’ll
go through these plugins later in this guide.

But one thing to bear in mind is always keeping everything under your own
control and is the number 1 way to do this.

If you want to build sites quickly, there’s no better way to do so. However, you
have to know how to play the game – how to make the software work for you.
Installing WordPress, putting up a few PLR articles, and sitting back isn’t going
to make you any money. Instead, you need to learn how to turn your
Wordpress blog into a profit pulling SEO optimized machine.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn the WordPress tips
and tricks that the gurus don’t want you to know.


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