Choosing the Appropriate Twitter Backgrounds for Your Twitter Page

Twitter can be described as free social network in the web that permits you to update your status to let the world know very well what you are up to in real time. This will certainly let you meet new friends while you get to interact and connect with old associates and you’ll even be aware of modern news even before it is going to be aired on TV. Since there are many people joining social networking internet sites, the task of making yourself visible is difficult. When you select a twitter background that you most favored, you have been giving it a personal touch. When you alter your background, it makes you more in tune with what your mood or possibly your personality.

Twitter backgrounds can help you convey your personality. When you would like to show people what your personal preferences are, you possibly can decide on backgrounds with the latest depiction of fashion, the entertainment scene as well as sports.You are able to let your followers know very well what you like as well as what you are most attracted about when you start customising your twitter page. With your background picks, your personality may be reflected. You will positively gain more followers when you do this and they can be your pals in the long run. At first, upon the creation of your twitter account, your twitter profile can have identical look with other twitter profiles. That can be monotonous and you wouldn’t desire that. So, the smartest thing to do if you desire to get the attention of a lot of twitter users is to choose the great background. If you desire individuals with interest the same as yours then you need to decide on the twitter background which will hold their attention.

In doing this, you will definitely have lots of followers.

Where can you find these backgrounds? There are a number of websites which could offer you with free twitter backgrounds. You simply need to locate them over the internet and whenever you do, you can decide on the background that you prefer most. There are a wide range of background alternatives that you will definitely like. There are pictures of abstract art, your favorite artists, fine-looking landscapes, cartoon characters and numerous other unique choices. You can find plenty of free backgrounds out there. Your job is to opt for one that you prefer best.When you’re finding the twitter background for your profile, always make an individual choice.


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Twitter – How to Make Money With Twitter

What is Twitter?

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networking sites on the Internet.  It is a micro-blog, where messages are broadcast directly to your followers.  This is great for brief conversations (the messages are limited to 140 characters) and for commenting on other peoples’ conversation.  This is interesting in itself, but many people have been searching for a way to use Twitter to make money. 

Can it be done?  Yes, it definitely can!  Is it hard? Not if you do it properly!

How can I make money on Twitter?

There are a number of ways to monetize Twitter.  First, you can use it to build your list of followers and then encourage them to go to a website or blog you have set up.  Or, you can include brief links to affiliate pages in the messages (called ‘tweets’) that you send out.

In either case, the secret is to build a large list of followers.  This can be done the hard way, searching for people manually and then adding yourself to their list, and hoping that they will reciprocate.  Or you can use free software applications to find and add them automatically.  Obviously, the second method is preferable!

But before you start to attract followers, you need to set out your stall on Twitter.  The most important factor in influencing people to follow you and then to click through to whatever site you want to promote, is firstly to have interesting, informative or intriguing tweets and secondly, to have a profile that encourages further contact.

These two elements will determine how successful you are in making money on Twitter.  There are people who have made over $ 2,000 in their first couple of weeks on Twitter, just by paying attention to getting their profiles right.  Someone else built up to 16,000 followers in just 90 days!  He makes a great income just from working that list (it’s actually up to 23,000 at the time I write this).

How do I get followers?

The traditional way is to search for conversations relating to subjects that are of interest to you, and seeing who is taking part.  You can then go to their pages and choose to “follow them”.  You can also look at their list of followers and select some of them to add to your list.  Hopefully, some of them will then add you to their list of people to follow.  As you can see, this process can be a bit involved and can take an appreciable amount of time.  The secret to building your list quickly is to automate the process, and there are applications available to do that and, best of all, they’re free!

But what do I send as tweets?

Okay, now you’re building your list, you need to be in touch with the people who subscribe so that you can demonstrate a competency in your chosen subject and attract them to go to your homepage to find out more about you.  And that’s one of the times that you have a chance to get them to click on your links.  The other opportunity is in the tweets themselves.  Although you don’t want to overdo it, you can add a link into your tweets that will lead directly to the web page or blog that you want them to visit.  It could be a link to your business site, or it might be for an affiliate program related to the topic that you share in common.  Either way, once you encourage them to click on it, you have a chance to convert them.

But now there’s the question of what to write.  Well, the answer is easy – there is plenty of content on the internet for whatever subject you choose, and there are ways to automate the collection of that information, to convert it to short tweets, and to send it to your list.  The process can be completely automated and will just run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for as long as you wish.  And, once again, the programs you need to use are free.

This really can be ‘running a business while you sleep’!

What can I sell to my list?

You may already have a business that you want to promote, whether it is an offline business that you want to drive traffic to, or an online web business.  But if you don’t, or if you want to build additional automated revenue streams, you can sign up for an affiliate program and direct traffic there.

Whichever route you choose, if you have a list of a few thousand followers, you can virtually guarantee that some of them are going to sign up for your offers – and with the list growing every day, your income will grow with it!  And once you have set it up once; create another Twitter profile and rinse and repeat!

The author has been making money on the Internet for over 10 years – and you can too! Discover how to get 16,000 followers in 90 days! If you want to learn the secrets to building your list of followers fast, on auto-pilot… and then making a living from them – check this out: Making money with Twitter.

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Twitter Tips

1. Smile. Everything on Twitter is public.

2. Tweet only. Twitter is not a substitute for personal or business email. Everything on Twitter is public.

3. Tweet regularly, so followers have something to follow.

4. Get to the point. You have only 140 characters, so say what you have to say, period.

5. Blow your own horn, but softly. Followers want to know who you are, what your are doing, even what you are selling, but followers will turn off blowhards.

6. Twitter is a social networking site: anyone can find you and see who you are following and who is following you. Everything on Twitter is public.

7. Tweet. This is not Facebook, Linkedin, Plurker, or any other website. Unlike Facebook, for example, Twitter does not ask your permission before establishing links between users (for the exception, see number 12 below). Everything on Twitter is public.

8. Any message containing @yourTwitterID is a “mention” that appears in your replies (your Home; at right of your Home page, click @yourTwitterID to see just where you have been mentioned). This means that your staff, customers, family, and friends can increase the visibility of your Twitter page, provide a link to your Profile page, and you can see how they are working you into their tweets.

9. If you use your real name at Settings/Name, people searching by your name can find you on Twitter, and your name would appear on the Profile page open to the public; this enables people to find you by name, in addition to your username (business name).

10. Yes, you may tweet through your mobile phone; set it up at your Settings/Devices page.

11. Protect your copyrights and trademarks by remembering that everything on Twitter is public.

You post it means you release it to the public, publish it online.

12. Using the privacy protection option limits who can view your updates to those people whom you approve. This option omits your updates from the public timeline, and this keeps your updates out of search results. This is not a marketing strategy.

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Twouble with Twitters: SuperNews!

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Using Twitter for Business 101

Understanding the purpose of twitter and using it appropriately has been a source of confusion for many business professionals. I have run into many professionals who don’t believe they have any use for such a platform and I’ve also met others who know they need to use twitter but don’t understand how to do so appropriately. Using twitter is important in personal branding because, unlike blog marketing in which the reader must spend a few minutes to sift through your information, it only takes a few seconds for your reader to decide whether or not they have interest in your information and continue from that point. It is also a great platform to push out highly valuable and viral information to a large amount of people in a short amount of time. With a basic understanding of the usefulness of twitter there are two important concepts to understand before commencing on your micro-blogging journey: The type of followers you need and the type of information you should tweet.

I’m guessing that at least the vast majority of you reading this are not celebrities so your twitter followers probably don’t care too much about what you ate for breakfast. That being said, your tweets should stay focused on your industry. If you happen to be a coffee connoisseur you probably would tweet about a particularly delicious cup of coffee you had that morning because your twitter following is likely to care very much about that sort of information. With that in mind, perhaps we should talk first about the sort of followers you should be looking for.

Twitter spamming is not appreciated by anyone. You shouldn’t expect anyone to follow you just because you are following them.

In fact you probably don’t want to follow anyone who doesn’t hold some sort of appeal to your own interests so why would anyone follow you just because you want them to unless that person happens to be your mother, in which case she probably has an interest in everything you do anyway. The point is, having twitter followers for the sake of just having twitter followers is rather pointless. You want your followers to engage with you on another platform and so you should focus your efforts on inviting fellow tweeters who share an interest.

That said, we can now talk more about what you should be tweeting about. You don’t necessarily have to limit the topics of your tweets to industry-specific tweets but your tweets should generally be of interest to the majority of your followers. Using the coffee connoisseur as the example again, most of his followers probably care a great deal about coffee so the majority of his tweets will probably be centered around all things coffee related. On the other hand, if he feels so inclined to tweet about a fantastic new social media app for his smart phone there is a good chance that most of his followers would be interested in such a topic especially considering the fact that they are using social media and many of them are probably using a social media app on their own smart phones to read the tweet.

On another note, the majority of people use twitter to get great information. It’s a micro-blogging site, not a micro-advertising site, which means that they would rather get news than a tweet about your own amazing product. If you just came out with a new ebook, it’s appropriate to announce the publication of the ebook and where it is available for purchase or free download, since this is news. However, if that’s all you tweet about your followers will likely get bored with your self-serving antics and possibly un-follow you. In short, be sure that the information you are tweeting about is first and foremost fulfilling the needs and desires of your followers. Give them what they want not just what you want them to take.

Keep your followers and the information you tweet in mind when using twitter. It is vital that these two go hand in hand for your tweeting success. When your twitter following and the information that you tweet about are consistent in their interests you will see far greater success and quality of twitter following than if you base your success on the number of your followers and tweets alone. Keep tweeting and remember what twitter is there for. Don’t avoid it but don’t abuse it.

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How to use Twitter for Business Part 1 of 9

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Twitter For Business – Building Relationships

Your business goal on Twitter is to provide customers with what they want and need. To do so, you need to develop relationships with your core 20% clientele base/joint venture folks and to develop trust and earn a reputation for being the go-to business for the other 80% in your niche.

Developing trust and relationships takes time and is based on a bit more than spamming sales pitches. Therefore, if relationship building is the goal, self-serving tweets should be in the minority. Alternate kinds of tweets fall into a limited number of categories.

The Other Kinds of Tweets

Questions: Asking questions is a great possibility, though there is an art to asking questions that can reasonably be addressed in 140 characters.
Humor: One can of course inject a bit of tasteful humor or respond to humor.
Retweets: Retweeting others’ tweets compliments and benefits both the tweeter and the retweeter as long as the frequency of retweets is not overdone. In moderation, a retweet forms an independent witness to the value of the original tweet.
Thanks: Expressing genuine gratitude or praise is always a good thing too.
Useful Stuff: Then there is the plethora of news, quotes, and tips which may be interesting or useful to the reader. Some of it should be self-serving (or you are in the wrong business).
Links: Include tweets with links to continue the conversation on blogs and announcements of webinars and conferences. Links can also be to further helpful information related to words that comprise the rest of the tweet. Various services exist to shorten URL’s so as to take up fewer of the 140 character limit Twitter has established.
Engage in their conversations: Address their concerns.

Be a listener. Don’t just talk. Answer questions if you have a ready answer or can readily research an answer.

Frequency of Tweets

Another issue important to developing relationships is the number of times each tweet is given. I’m not talking about the stuff you do for individuals once, but there are tweets that can be given multiple times. The question is how many without turning into annoying spam.

I am thinking of four factors to consider.

One, your followers are not always on Twitter at the time you are tweeting. Repeating a tweet at different times of day increases the chances your followers will see your tweet.

Second, consider which time zones your want to reach. Tweeting when your target audience is most likely to be asleep or busy elsewhere is not wise. Lunch time, evenings, and weekends often are better times.

Third, tweets will pass by the eyes of your followers at different rates depending on how many people your followers are following. One of your followers with a hundred followers will not see as many tweets flying by as a person following five thousand. For a given tweet, you can look like a spammer to the one following a hundred at the same time that you barely register on the radar of someone following five thousand. Striking a moderate balance between extremes is important.

Four, be persistent over a long period. Sooner or later most of your followers will become familiar with you. If your persistence consists in spam, your followers will drop out, but a with bit of creativity in providing real value, persistence pays off.

For further ideas regarding Twitter and internet marketing, see the author’s blog or join him on Twitter/katahdinme.

How To Customize Twitter Pages

When you first joined Twitter, you may have been a bit intimidated by the sheer number of people out there. How would you find followers? With so many people clamoring for attention, how do you stand out from the crowd? There are some specific adjustments you can make to tweak your profile. Lets also take at look at four specific ways to customize Twitter pages.

TweetyGotBack has a library of themes that is categorized for easy searching. Once you find the image you want, you can preview it. If its not quite what you want, close it and go back to the category menu. When youre happy with how it looks, just apply it.

Themeleon builds on what you started with TweetyGotBack. Choose a theme for your social media page provided by TweetyGotBack; add a photo or choose a pattern for background if you like. Pick out your palette for the layout and save. This is an easy way to customize Twitter pages.

TwitrBackgrounds also offers free and premium artwork to jazz up your page. You can check out the library of free wallpaper or have TwitrBackgrounds design a personalized background for you. You can add up to four photos to really give your page some punch.

Twitart is a premium design site. You can get a unique avatar, a custom background, or both. You can even browse through completed projects to get ideas. Then, just let Twitart know what you are looking for. You can provide images and your logo for a branded page, or let Twitart go do what they do best design your exclusive background.

These are just four easy ways to customize Twitter pages and separate yourself from the pack. In the world of marketing, any edge is an advantage, so why not pick one you can have fun with, too?

Discover the many different Twitter applications available at My Twitter Toolbox and learn more about how to use Twitter for better productivity- visit us today at

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