Mysterious “ghosting” can not attack Winxp reinstall removed – ghost, viruses, heavy equip

Previously, users often heard that the poisoning was okay, big deal reinstall the system. But now, these words will become history. March 15, Jinshan security laboratory is named to capture a kind of “ghosting” of computer viruses, the virus lives in the disk master boot record (MBR), even if the format re-install the system, can not remove the virus. When the system reboot again, the virus will be back in first load the operating system kernel. When the virus after a successful run, in the process, the system boot loader can not find any unusual items, the virus as “ghosting” on the same computer in the poisoning, “lingers.”

To overturn the traditional system can not remove heavy equipment

Jinshan security anti-virus experts said, “the general system under computer virus is a Windows application, run after the Windows load. And” ghosting “parasitic virus, the main code is in the hard disk master boot record (MBR ), the computer system startup process before the core program directly loaded into the computer memory to run. who already parasitic on the MBR of the virus, security software can not be blocked. because of the virus than the security software start-up even earlier.

Li Tiejun said that “ghosting” virus is the first boot downloader virus infection subversion of the traditional characteristics of dealing with AIDS issues, and user mindset, not only do the “three noes” feature?? No file, without system startup items, no process module, and even if the user reload the system, the virus will still re-enter the new system users; new virus technology, a breakthrough from ordinary antivirus software protection, “ghosting” the virus can said to be a “landmark” feature of computer viruses.

Significantly slow down the computer security software failure

Jinshan Safety Laboratory in analysis, this “ghosting” virus is bundled with the software installed on some shared access to a computer, the present day is about 2-3 million infected computers.

“Ghosting” viruses will release the driver overwrite the hard disk MBR (master boot record), the driver of many attacks during the boot process of antivirus software, antivirus software that failure to download the traditional AV Terminator Trojan downloader, the ultimate goal continues through the dissemination of Daohao Trojan, steal virtual assets for profit. Poisoning, the most intuitive phenomenon is not running security software, computer slow down significantly, IE home page was changed.

Rare virus technology from abroad “Ghosting” the virus is relatively rare in recent years, technology-type virus, the virus author has excellent programming skills. WinXP system because of the restrictions, rewrite the MBR will be the general way the system determined to be illegal, which is close to extinction boot sector viruses an important factor. This bypass security restrictions Winxp, direct overwrite MBR technology mainly in the dissemination of foreign technology forum in the “ghosting” the virus before, this technology is rarely the case of hackers using the actual mass. Kingsoft Security Lab engineers said that the current “ghosting” virus only for Winxp system, the virus still can not destroy Vista and Windows7 system. According to Kingsoft

security laboratory personnel revealed that in the current domestic security and civil anti-virus vendor master in, to a complete analysis, “ghosting” the virus were few. Parasitic on the hard drive due to virus master boot record (MBR), the virus can damage the driver released the majority of security tools and system support tools, in the case had been poisoned, it is difficult to use existing tools to complete the virus removal, Jinshan security lab is preparing for the “ghosting” virus Zhuanshagongju.

Duba has been upgraded, can be spread killing “ghosting” parent virus file, to avoid the more users by the “ghosting” victims of the virus, users can only access the appropriate line to upgrade defense capabilities. Jinshan net shield has spread the virus to prevent access to malicious Web page to join the list, to prevent more users to download the mysterious “ghost” virus.

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How to buy the Best Digital Camera

Nowadays, Digital cameras are very popular with various types, sizes, brands, features, image quality and of course the prices. Because of such many options, it seems to be very difficult and confused to choose the best digital camera as you would like to buy one. But don not worry, this article will give you some tips to get the best camera.



The first, and foremost factor to be considered is the Digital Camera’s application area, or in simple words ” what do you need, and for what purpose”? Elaborating this further, if you need a Digital Camera that comes with easy handling, easy to understand features, and ultra-portability, you might figure out a point and shoot camera.

This type of camera is easily operable, ultra-portable, and comes with simple yet limited features. For another instance, if you are a professional photographer, and want your device to be loaded with all advanced features including focus control options, high resolution, red eye correction, optical zoom etc. In this case a Digital SLR camera will be more suitable for you, despite the fact that it might not be as portable as other Digital Cameras.

Moving further, the other important aspect would be your budget, remember, you won’t get an almond for the price of a peanut. Features and specifications for a digital camera vary greatly with their prices, so it’s important to plan a budget. The next step would be to match you requirements, and the budget with the Digital Cameras list, and narrowing down the search by selecting a few out of the lot. Now from these selected few, select the one that best suits your requirements. You can also go through a couple of user and expert reviews to get a fairer idea. Sony Digital Cameras are undoubtedly one of the best Digital Cameras , and offer a wide range to choose from.

Cybershot W350 is a Sony Digital camera, that embeds a 14 mega pixel high grade Carl-Zeiss lens for a great imaging experience. The in-camera editing includes options such as trimming, red eye correction and unsharp mask. This masking is further accompanied by multi-pattern measuring and Histogram display. This Sony Digital Camera comes with a 2.7 LCD display with Sweep panorama provides a good view of the subject, and is coupled with 4x optical zoom to ensure distortion free long distance zooming.



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Household electrical appliance enterprises operating profit contribution of the traditional “shrink”-TCL TV, Changhong TV – Network

(000 100) less than traditional business profit contribution

2007 TCL Group annual report, the company achieved net profit of 395.8156 million yuan, reversing two consecutive years of losses. As

TV Business continued losses, the profit contribution of traditional business is obviously insufficient, and accounted for Nearly half net profit and investment real estate, logistics services, small business, and the stability of the remaining proceeds are insufficient, the company lifted despite delisting risk, but it is still difficult to achieve sustained business growth.

The reporting period the company achieved operating income of 39,063,000,000 yuan. Among them, multi-media electronics industry revenues of 20.717 billion yuan, 54.4% of total revenue, compared with 2006, down 9.25 percentage points.

TV business overall decline in sales in the domestic market in 2007 to 7.14 million units, down 10.5%; Europe, North America, emerging markets and strategic OEM sales decreased 50.6%, 45.1%, 23.3% and 57.3%.

TV to present the company CRT Mainly in 2007 TCL Group 15 million units of color TV sales, the LCD TV only 8%. If the higher margin sales of LCD TVs in the short term increase delays, and other domestic color TV manufacturers in the competition, TCL fear will again fall on the next wind.

TV business is currently still on the company lost money, the only good news is that in the highly competitive TV market in China, TCL’s brand market share of about 19.4%, compared to 18% in 2006, up 1.4 percentage points.

2007, the company real estate and investment as well as logistics and services business were substantial increases in sales revenue of 559 million yuan respectively, and 5.355 billion yuan, the ratio of total revenue, respectively 1.47% and 14.06%, total contribution to net profit 190 million yuan, accounting for 47% of the total net profit.

Reporting period to full contraction of international and domestic telecommunications business multimedia services, computer company through transfer of shares, closed TTE European operations and other measures, the progressive realization of “downsizing plan.” Thus, in 2007, communications,

Home Appliances And parts industries have different degrees year on year decline.

Company mobile phones to 11.9 million units sold throughout the year, achieved sales of 4.825 billion yuan, down 11.4%.

Household Appliance Industry in 2007 sales revenue of 3.816 billion yuan, down 7.41%, decline in sales that the company has yet to improve product competitiveness.

Current cash flow situation is worrying, and in 2007 the company net cash flow from operating activities was -2.84 billion, relying as much as 4.484 billion yuan of new loans before the stock guarantee adequate funding. And 72.65% of the asset liability ratio and quick ratio 0.84 shows that both long-term debt or short-term risks are not be overlooked.

Sichuan Chang (6.90, -0.35, -4.83%) (600 839)

Poor TV growth Reporting period, the company’s 2007 operating income of 23.047 billion yuan, up 21.99%; net profit of 337 million yuan, up 47.14 percent over 2006.

With Refrigerator

, Mobile phones and IT operations to achieve such rapid development, the company earnings in 2007 constitute the presence of related diversification characteristics. Sales of the traditional TV business total revenue increased from 51% in 2006 to 47%; refrigerator, phone and IT services sales increased by 76.3% year on year, 56.16% and 7.86%, total revenue increased accordingly .

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Jiangmen: “agricultural market” into a “strong agricultural market” – Farm Machi

Recently, this reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture, due to the city to actively implement Agricultural Machinery Purchase subsidies, farmers are very enthusiastic to buy all kinds of farm machinery. According to the latest statistics, last year only 556 new units on agricultural tractors, agricultural tractors, the city reached 31,919 units. At the same time Other agricultural machinery Also increased to some extent, the city Agricultural machinery Level continue to walk in the forefront of the province.

Mechanized rice production reached the level of 60.9%

According to reports, the city last year, the total power of agricultural machinery reached 1.582 million kilowatts, up 1.04% over the previous year. The city’s rice production (tillage, planting, harvesting) integrated mechanization level to reach 60.9%, 3.12% increase over the previous year, of which 95.5% tractor, an increase of 1.5 percentage points over the previous year; rice machine area of 11.5 mu plug seedlings, an increase over the previous year more than double the rate of 4.16% machine plant; Rice Combine Reached 2667 units, 241 units the previous year, the yield of 70% or more machines, a relatively large increase over the previous year.

According to provincial agricultural department, financial department, “Guangdong Province in 2009 the central government farm machinery purchase subsidy program”, in 2009 the city farm machinery purchase subsidy arrangements for funds 19.3 million yuan, up 13.1% over the previous year, of which the central 14.6 million yuan, Provincial 4.7 million yuan. Last year, the city received subsidies for 3773 sets of Agricultural Machinery, involving total capital of 15,755,700 yuan, accounting for national and provincial funds issued 81.64% subsidy.

Major farm machinery increased rapidly It is understood that the implementation of farm machinery purchase subsidy policy in the work, municipalities, districts adhere to the improvement of equipment structure and improve the overall level of agricultural technology, and enhance overall agricultural production capacity as the main line, to promote the mechanization of rice transplanting and crop related education Key Production processes sector into focus, outstanding efficiency, energy saving, safety, environmental protection, advanced agricultural machinery and tools, with full respect for the autonomy of farmers to buy farm machinery, standard operating procedures, increase the subsidy policy advocacy efforts to maximize financial subsidy policy guide effect.

Farmers to buy farm machinery

initiative last year to further improve, in addition to tractors, the rice transplanter add 161 units, 241 units of rice combine harvester new. This fishery oxygen machine, feeding machine, and other new farm machinery purchase subsidy included in the central financial products, aquaculture, as the city developed rapidly in recent years, oxygen machine has become a major last year, farmers purchase agricultural machinery and tools, according to statistics, last year Farmers in the city to purchase a total of 3248 units aerator. According to regulations, a farmer (fish farmers) subsidies for purchase of aerators during the year no more than 6 sets, but the reporter found that about one-third of farmers to purchase six sets of city farmers purchase farm machinery enthusiasm is evident.

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States United States launched the “perfect horizon, passion European Cup” activities – GOM

6 7th, four-year wait for a European Cup will return to the resumption of hostilities.

Watch the game, guess top, but also to win a free

LCD TV Gome has announced that starting from this weekend, will be launched simultaneously in major stores “Perfect Vision, Passion European Cup” campaign, consumers buy Gome

TV Products, you can receive coupons quiz to take home free LCD.

47-inch LCD free of charge Responsible person, according to Gome, in preparation for this event, the national integration of millions of U.S. resources.

Changhong , Sony, Konka, Hitachi, Skyworth, Samsung, Xoceco, Toshiba, Hisense, Philips, Panasonic, etc. 16 mainstream

Flat Panel TV Manufacturers will come up with the latest product support the event. At present, Chongqing TV’s audience GOME stocking more than 1 million units, while the high-definition flat-panel TV purchase more TV overall procurement account for more than 70%.

From this week, the country will launch the United States flat-panel TVs, “Crystal elimination round starting lineup” for the consumer choose. During the event, consumers can receive TV over 2000 yuan a Euro 2008 quiz coupons, consumers can fill in the quarterfinals and semifinals predict promotion team, who guessed the top eight current and former European Cup semi-finals team consumers directly a 19-inch LCD TV; if on this basis is also able to accurately predict the winner, runner-up, third and fourth place teams, you can directly send 47 U.S.

States-inch LCD prize.

Heavy high definition flat panel into two

Beginning with the European Cup, the National World War II the United States will also be full high-definition flat broke.

Provided by the States United States the price indicated

TCL , Skyworth, Changhong, Xoceco average price of 5,000 yuan and other home-made 32-inch LCD TV prices will have fallen to 4,000 yuan, while the joint venture will be generally flat-panel TV price cuts from 1000 to 3000 dollars, the average fell more than 20%.

“Price cuts range from the point of view, 32-inch LCD TV is generally concentrated in the range of 4,000 yuan, domestic 37-inch LCD TV will fall below 6,000 yuan, while the mainstream 42-inch flat panel TV is the amount of return is as high as 1,000 to 3,000 yuan . “State Department official said the United States color television, this weekend, Hitachi 42-inch plasma will be the first down to 6,999 yuan, 6,990 yuan market price Hisense 40-inch LCD TV straight down 1,000 yuan. According to reports, a joint venture brand 47-inch full HD LCD will be priced below 10,000 yuan, becoming the biggest highlights of this event.

In addition, during the event, consumers purchased over 4999 yuan TV can receive a mini-fashion

DVD A, Plus Free digital camera over 10,999 yuan a purchase amount of more than 17,999 yuan was a bonus 19-inch LCD TV.

Group buy in advance to participate in people to enjoy holiday deals

Dragon Boat Festival to the States United States join as a partner

bargain Dragon Boat Festival Golden Week for the first time a little, whether on vacation or shopping and recreation? Gome’s proposal is different from Less. Not delayed for the convenience of the consumer holiday, but also buy special products, five nights this week (June 6), the national newspaper the United States will jointly hold “dumpling summer people buy” activities, early start Dragon Boat Festival promotion.

The Group buy will be Friday night 6:00 p.m. in the city, Gome stores to be held simultaneously. “TV,

Refrigerator , Washing machines, air-conditioning will be the protagonist of the event. “U.S. official says the country during the event, air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines and other refrigeration

Home Appliances Extra efforts will increase the sharing profit.

States United States official said, on June 6 that evening to participate in Group buy GOME stores to consumers can enjoy the country ahead of the United States Dragon Boat Festival, promotions, shopping, gifts may be granted a 26-inch LCD TV, but also can take part in lucky draw .

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The truth behind Security Cameras

As criminal offense and theft with companies continues to obtain more powerful and more powerful, the requirement for security raises as well. Although protection staff is a must possess, businesses need another form of protection that isn’t very as noticeable. Crooks may place an individual with no problem, that is where video security cameras enter into perform.

Security cameras are extremely well-liked nowadays, arriving many shapes and sizes. The wired types can easily fit in speakers, clocks, as well as smoke detectors. The wireless types on the other hand are much more flexible and may end up being placed nearly anyplace. Wireless security systems are a good add-on to any home or office, as they possibly can be put into places that a crook wouldn’t even start to suspect.

For that home or business, Internet wireless video security cameras are a great way to watch remote video clip. The program digital camera may transfer indicators via a LAN adapter or even cellular network on to a particular Internet protocol (Web Process) tackle. This can be a fantastic way to maintain a watchful eye on your home while you are on vacation or even on vacation. There are some Internet methods that will notify you by way of email when there is any kind of recognition in motion.

The actual cameras that actually work along with house monitoring systems are energy powered, normally through 9 volt electric batteries, providing as much as Ten several hours of energy.

They are very effective digital cameras, as the slightest amount of movement will trigger the actual motion sensors in the digital cameras. Once the camera continues to be triggered, it’ll instantly start recording video, capturing, or even move the actual reside video clip feed to a different computer.

There’s also digital video security cameras too. Even although they’re smaller in dimensions, they can nevertheless report video clip for a long period of your time. They tend to be very popular these days because of the fact how the video clip or photos that are saved in it can be preserved as well as modified on a pc. Digital video security cameras additionally eliminate the requirements for documenting tapes as well, which can occupy much space as well as aren’t very safe for maintaining within places with high temps. Digital video security cameras store the info inside their memory, which supports you keep up with the pictures and video clip give food to.

Video security cameras have been around for several years, attaining their reputation and attraction to businesses. As many years passed and they grew to become more affordable people started to use them in their homes. A home security camera at home could be a fantastic way to protect your self through burglars as well as break-ins, keep an eye on the actual baby sitter, or just keep track of things while you are away. Security cameras are extremely affordable plus they can easily give the satisfaction within knowing that your house is protected wherever you go.

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