how to sign up for a friendster profile

Basic tutorial on how to sign up for a friendster profile
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The Friendster iCafe affiliate program offers cafe owners another way to increase revenue through rewards and incentives.

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Watch the video to learn how to be a Friendster I-Cafe Affiliate.
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HTML Website Builder | Site History

HTML Website Builder | Site History

Learn how to restore a previous version of your Wix Site through your My Account Dashboard! You can see an overview of all your edits and changes you have ma…

John reviews interesting hands played of late that teach valuable lessons. For full video visit Follow us on Twitter @ http:…
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Search Engine Optimization for a Flash Website

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is ,’optimizing a website for search engines like Google’ so that the website can rank on the top slots of search engines when someone uses these search engines to search for a product or service that he wants to buy or sell or just want information. A static site (wherein the content remains same all the time) is easy to optimize, however, things are not the same for a flash website (which uses Flash to make the content more impactful and eye-ball grabbing). It needs greater expertise and greater efforts.

Flash Website SEO

Search engine crawlers find it difficult to read a Flash page and index it. And, the result is: the page is not seen on the search engine result pages (SERPs) when users search online for the products and/or services that the site deals into. Do you also have a Flash website? Don’t worry.

Flash Website SEO – II

SEO Delhi professionals know the art and science behind the search engines and how they work. In case you also have a Flash website and want it optimized for SEO, contact a creative agency.

The good thing: there are many agencies around and thus, it won’t’ take you much in finding an ideal agency for your site. Search online and you will find many in and around your region.

Do make sure you go through the portfolios before you hire one particular agency to do the SEO optimization for your website.

Stay away from the promise makers who claim to get your site on the first pages of Google and other search engines. Remember, SEO is a long, time-consuming process and nobody can guarantee you top ranks on search engine result pages.

Once you have someone doing SEO for your Flash website, you should also consider SMO so that you attract more quality traffic on your site. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are among the sites that can be used to promote a business and its products and/or services.

Besides SEO and SMO, PPC (Pay per Click) is one more attractive option to divert traffic on a site. With PPC, you can instantly get on the top of your desired search engine. However, your site will appear in the ‘sponsored ads’ space and not in the organic search section. But, still you get quality traffic on your site and you end-up making more profits, more sales.

So, you need not to worry if you own a Flash website.


JumpHigher is a one-stop-destination for Flash Website SEO Delhi. Having served over 1,500 clients from across the world, we ensure great Social Media Marketing and PPC Services for our clients. Log on to our website for more information!

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Social Site Magic

Today you come across many social sites on the Internet that you can join absolutely free of cost. Some of the most popular sites that you can join are MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. All these sites are accessed by millions of people across the world. Apart from the main goal of making friends and socializing virtually with people, these sites also offer other advantages as well such as helping you build your business.

You can now promote your blogs through these websites. A blog refers to an on line space where you can write about a niche such as your business. You can also promote your business website through these social websites. You can also join special business groups and interact with people from the same field. Hence the Internet and the social sites in particular help you a lot in making your business successful. You can increase your network as well. You can use anything from email to instant messaging to blogs to chat to make your business successful.

Technology has grown at a fast pace over the last few years. Members as young as 16 year olds are joining the social networking sites. In fact these young guns have started their business from home by using just a computer and an Internet connection. On social networking sites you can expect total communication anonymity and gratification. The social networking sites have become the next wave in communications. You can just introduce any content you want to your profile and even post messages in a group and within an instant it will be uploaded for everyone to see.

People today have come to know the impact of these sites and how they have set ground making standards for business on the whole.

Also you will be able to experience the talent and expertise of other people on the sites as well as to how they are promoting their products and services. Competition is fierce and you always have to stay ahead of competition. Today people share their ideas on the social networking sites and they stand to gain a lot of knowledge. People are adopting these latest technologies to bring forth their business name and you should not fall behind. You have to adapt yourself to these technologies and implement what you have learned from the social networking sites.

Through these sites you can go for two types of communication, e.g. one to one communication and one to many communication. In case of one to one communication you interact with one person on a personal level while on a one to many communication you interact with a group. Both forms of communication have their advantages and you must optimize the benefits of both. Sites like LinkedIn have 11 million people who have joined the site purely for business purposes. These people represent about 150 major industries and many more sub industries under these major industries. So you can just imagine the impact of these positive sites on businesses.

Paul Dawson and his business partner Julie Garoni run a blog teaching people how to correctly use Social Media for Business and for getting free traffic.
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