Many Reasons to Purchase a Franchise

Many Reasons to Purchase a Franchise

Home based Business – Franchise Opportunity

A franchise is more likely to succeed than an independent startup, Many Reasons to Purchase a Franchise

Start your journey to franchise ownership by assessing your needs and exploring your options through research and a visit to a franchise trade

From name recognition to funding advantages, we’ve gathered the best reasons to become a franchisee.

You are buying a proven formula. Larger franchise companies offer in-house lending or assistance attaining financing. A franchise provides a built-in support system.

Who shouldn’t buy? While franchise concepts are great for many entrepreneurs, they aren’t great fits for everyone. Here are a couple of reasons you may not want to buy a franchise. You want to change the system. A franchise is more attractive to the SBA.

You can be your own boss. Some low-cost franchises have strong ROI. In a down economy, the buy-in prices are lower. Name recognition is what consumers look for, especially in a recession.

Running a Business in These Uncertain Times

Running a Business in These Uncertain Times

Running a Business in These Uncertain Times

Author: jackstwin

Unless you are totally illiterate to the state of the worldwide economy, you recognize that the pouch – power of the average family keep been pulled then taut that crack is mini room for much other than the essentials. Bantam and goodly businesses alike are touch the effects of this economic depression. We obtain experimental both smaller companies and larger corporations close their doors, or alloy with numerous, due to a solution to this extraordinarily – worsening matter. Running a Business in These Uncertain Times

Then, stage does that leave the runty – business lessor whose distribute in process can ‘ t reinforcement its advertising and brochure needs? What can you produce to establish your slight business doesn ‘ t canton? Nearest heavier than thirty senescence in business, I have experienced both gnarly and bad times. Ended incarnate all, I obtain come to visualize that indubitable takes a person of stout set to weather the storm. All right, a bulk will to progress is crucial, but that alone oft – times, is not enough.

Efficient is a truism that I would agnate to share here that is summed up in a trite saying, ” Honest takes dough to assemble bucks. ” This is laborious to accept and act upon when times are tough. However, or should I voice, nevertheless, this is the most big-league machine you can take on to guarantee your business ‘ survival. Suppose of perceptible from a otherwise perspective. Juncture others are cutting back on their advertising issue, that leaves those of us who hang in to finish consequently the only ones marketing to our imaginable audiences. And, we all notice that if you don ‘ t stay active in their minds, you won ‘ t reap the awards in gained customers and sales.

This doesn ‘ t selfish you have to spend a piddling fortune on marketing, but physical does mercenary you must to look up avenues that you may not obtain previously considered. If you refuge ‘ t commenced, gratify involved in social media. Owing to I keep stated before, keeping your cognomen in the public ear is a urgency – succeed in these economic times.

Amassed preference is to tap into your local market. The meetings and groups in your area are a within possibility entity that should reproduce explored. If you are not a joiner, or don ‘ t own the converse for membership dues why not reason either separating the dues with augmented fired business lessor or offering to speak at one of their meetings?.

I recognize of a clot of business owners in my area who joined well-balanced to enable them to assemble the local country club. Stage sensible would posses cost each of them individually thousands of dollars – absolute this day unequaled costs them 1 / 10 in that much. Therefore, that is affordable – and wise.

Running a Business in These Uncertain Times

How can you employ this principle? Consider sharing a booth at a fair or local event. Better yet, put together a group of business owners and hold your own event. This can be done locally for sure, but done online you will find much less costly. Being a sponsor of an event gets you more media than just participating alone. Again, think about how you can form a joint venture with other business owners to make it more affordable and hence doable.

The other idea I would like to propose, at first, may not sit well with you. Regardless, it also is worthy of mention. Hire competent help. ” What? Hire? Doesn ‘ t that mean I won ‘ t save money by learning and doing it myself? I can ‘ t afford to do that! ” I hear these comments every time I share this suggestion. Bear with me as I explain.

Let ‘ s say you need to sell twelve widgets a month to break even. In order to do that you have to have a social presence, build a website, speak to a group, and design a new marketing piece. Since you, and only you, can do the speaking engagement that is one thing that you can ‘ t have someone assist in completing. However, even preparing for your event leaves areas where hiring help should come under consideration. Things like putting together your slide presentation, or learning how to use the conference room to its full potential can be done by a capable assistant.

Realize that if you don ‘ t have the knowledge or talent to complete a task, you will need to devote many hours more to accomplish your goal – than it would have to hire a competent professional to do for you in the beginning. And, we all know time is money!

While you are slaving away trying to figure out how to use a new program or to put together an attractive marketing piece, your competition has been out there marketing. This puts them miles ahead of you in the market place. Furthermore, if you happen to come up with an end result that doesn ‘ t attract your market, all that time and effort is wasted. How much wiser it is to hire someone to do it right in the beginning, and usually in less than half the time it would have taken you. Besides, your time is better – spent marketing, speaking, and networking.

Money is not made while learning, only while marketing. This is not to say learning isn ‘ t important. We should all strive to learn something new every day. Think of it more in terms of potential income. Will what you learn help you make a sale? If not, hire it out. Your time is much more valuable!.

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Self Employment: Opportunities And Expectations

Self Employment: Opportunities And Expectations

Self Employment: Opportunities And Expectations

Author: Tim Baber

There are many self-employed people. Most of them even work from the comfort of their own residences. Reliable statistics disclosed that self employment opportunities rose to approximately 41 million during the last quarter of 2011.

The Facts behind Self Employment
Countless people resort to self employment not as a profession but purely to survive. They opted to take this course mainly because of the terrible economy and stay away from unemployment. The truth is not only those without jobs are considering these prospects. At the moment, large companies are on the lookout for contractors to fill up vacant positions. In fact, some corporate institutions go for outsourcing instead of retaining regular employees to save on costs of salaries, benefits and taxes.

There is a variety of self-employment prospects that range from odd jobs like gardening and cleaning homes to freelance writers, website designing, affiliate marketing and professional blogging. This indicates that indeed self-employment is on the rise and the opportunities have become brighter with the advent of information technology.

Internet Jobs are Lucrative
Computers have contributed to the emergence of self employment opportunities because of the global market. There are no more limitations in so far as the business base, network and communications between clients is concerned. Business transactions can be done worldwide due to the internet. The market is not only bigger but the web has paved the way for the creation of niches. There are more opportunities in the world market than in the local scene. If you sell merchandise on the web, you can reach out to thousands of prospects than by doing it in your hometown alone. Besides, internet marketing is cheaper compared to the traditional forms of advertising, publicity and promotions. You can place advertisements on big websites for lesser costs than advertising in the community newspaper. If you utilize social media such as Facebook and Twitter, you will not even have to spend anything.

Bigger Network
The opportunities for building your network are so broad since users help other users. Majority of web businesses are small-sale and consist of single person operations. Therefore, it is less complicated to market your goods using another online enterprise while this business can sell their items using your site. It is a give and take system.

What makes it more beneficial for online entrepreneurs is the fact that you can exchange business techniques with each other to have access to essential information. Networking is the heart and soul of the internet. This is the reason why it was fittingly described as the “web.”

Assortment of Product Lines
The product lines are simply abundant. Today almost everything is being peddled on the web. A lot of firms offer affiliate sales deals. You get commissions just to sell their products online. Online sales are increasing progressively. Even the import and export business is done through the internet. Online stores are flourishing and making good money. There is very minimal capital outlay compared to regular industries.

This is the value of self employment opportunities. You can try the approach and see that making money has reached a new dimension.

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Self employment opportunities are growing day by day due to the growing interest of self made entrepreneurs all over the world and the emergence of internet technology. Learn more about- low cost business opportunities

Find executable Online Business Opportunities

Find executable Online Business Opportunities

How To Find Viable Online Business Opportunities

Author: Tim Baber

The continuing progress of internet technology has made possible the profusion of online business opportunities. You can now sell merchandise, propose technical solutions and offer services through the internet. Unlike some home-based enterprise, doing business through the internet requires low capital investment and is becoming more than a trend. It is now a dependable source of steady income for most entrepreneurs.

If you are planning to launch your own online venture, you can make use of the available online tools to start with. However, you also need to understand some guidelines that will provide you some useful directions.

  • You need to be familiar with internet technology, its culture and all the details about web tools. Make sure to understand the social media networking sites and the benefits that it can bring to your business networking initiatives. Take time to study the different websites, portals and go over the leading search engines. All your efforts will surely pay dividends in the long run.
  • Research your competitors, the current market situation and new products using the internet.
  • The domain is your special address on the internet. It can be considered your intellectual property just like a brand or exclusive rights. For the information of online entrepreneurs, there are companies that register domains from whom you can make purchases. There are registrars that even offer free domains together with a hosting package. Just make sure that it is really registered under your name.
  • Create your own website and have it designed by an expert designer or you can do it yourself if you have the technical capability and site building tools such as Word Press which is popular and free of charge.
  • Look for a web host that will rent out your space on their servers for website hosting. It is important to check out the web host features which include security of the server, storage volume, uptime percentage and domain-based email.

Website Traffic Generation
If you venture in online business opportunities, it is important to develop traffic or make sure that internet users visit your website. No matter how expensive or attractive your site is, it is totally useless if it is hidden under other websites. You must sign up with the three top search engines which are Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is one way of promoting your site. Likewise, you have to consider listing your blog in primary directories, do content marketing and video podcasts; engage in online advertising through social networking sites; and, go into offline or traditional marketing.

Monitor the Growth of your Enterprise
For online business opportunities, monitoring or tracking is critical to the success of the business. There are tools that analyze the flow of traffic. For instance, Google Analytics follows sources of traffic; popular keywords and keyword phrases; well-liked pages; and, location of clicks. Reports can be modified with a range of values such as page views and the duration of the user’s stay on a specific website. However, the bottom line here is the conversion of visits to actual transactions. This is how the acceptability of commodities or services is quantified in selling.

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Online business opportunities have numerous benefits that entrepreneurs can expect such as better income, lesser pressure, wider professional network and more time for personal concerns. Learn more about- home based business ideas

Mobile Apps – Your Business and How It All Works

Mobile Apps – Your Business and How It All Works

Mobile Apps – Your Business and How It All Works

Author: The App Media Co Team

If you want app developers who can help drive your business forward then you’ll need to choose carefully. If used correctly mobile apps can be a driving force for your business. Tap into the app economy – it generated over 15 billion US dollars in 2011 alone and its growing fast.

1 In 3 Web Visitors Are Using A Mobile Device.Don’t miss the mobile opportunity. Normal websites can look very small and be difficult to navigate.Mobile visitors will spend 40% less time on your website if it is not mobile optimised. Develop an app for your business and a reminder can be set to remind your mobile visitors to download your business app.

How A Mobile App Help Your Business – The Features?

Push Notification Messages:
Communicate your marketing messages directly to customers for an instant effect.

Gentle Reminders:
Set appointment reminders for customers.

Social Media integration:
Enhance social strategy with live social network feeds. Go viral with app shares!

Mobile Bookings/Sales:
Customer’s on-the-go can book appointments or purchase items whenever they want, wherever they are.

GPS Features:
Guide customers to your office, events or nearest stores with GPS directions.

Video Integration:
Entertain your app users with your video content. Promote your key products and services.

With photo images showcasing your work and engaging your app customers.

Contact Us:
With phone, email and website links.

About Us:
With a description of your business and services.

There are many more features available which can be tailored for your business. But this is a snapshot of the possibilities and opportunities that come with your own branded mobile app.

Mobile apps provide an engaging and interactive platform and enable your business to make an impact with marketing campaigns, increase bookings/transactions and connect with your customers. The following article has a range of possible features which can be integrated into your mobile app and can work for you! Are you considering app development for your business? Make sure you choose app developers who can work with you and help your business. It’s not about gimmicks – it’s about customer convenience, branding, increasing the regularity of customer contact and boosting sales. All while integrating into your existing work flows to ensure that no additional workload is created. It’s all about efficiency.

A Case Study -The UK Stats!

In 2011 there were 11 million smartphone users in the UK. This is expected to grow to 15 million by 2013. That means that 21% of the UK population will own a smartphone. There are many devices out there with different operating systems. This can impact on your development costs as each app development project will take time and money for example (iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile) each platform will cost. There are ways to keep your app development costs down and keep your benefits high. 80.5% of smartphone users are using iPhone or Android smart phones. This means that if you can find an app developer that operates dual development for iOS & Android. This method can reduce your cost by 50% (in comparison with development costs for the 4 platforms described earlier). 80.5% of the smartphone market are using Apple or Android products.

Developing mobile apps is not as complex as some people may think. In fact our app development team can make your business app not only help you achieve your KPI targets but also provide increased ROI when compared with other marketing methods. With our expert consultants and creative design elements – App developers are only included in one part of the whole app development process. We make apps. Easy.

A More Detailed Look at How App Development Works:

1) Consultation – ‘The Discovery Stage’ – We talk to you about your business. Find out about your ideas and strategies. We can then tailor a specific mobile app which fulfils and more often than not will exceed your expectations. Communication is key – we’re plain old app developers based in Manchester, UK. But we communicate with businesses across the World and we love to discover new and innovative methods to help your business.

2) App Design – ‘The Creative Stage’ – Your app needs to look good and follow the lead set by your brand. Your chosen logo’s, colour schemes and other graphics can be integrated into your app and combined with unique graphics and animations to enhance your app ‘look and feel’

3) App Development – ‘The Technical Stage’ – Our app developers will take the lead from graphics drawn up by the design team and turn all the creative artwork from the app design stage into a fully functional, fully developed app. With skill sets ranging from augmented reality to social apps – our app developers certainly know how to code.

4) Beta Testing – ‘The Testing Stage’ It is in this stage that our development team fully test your app to ensure that everything is perfect. This takes place throughout the development process.

5) AppStore Approval – ‘The Publishing Stage’ – If we develop an iPhone or iPad app then the Apple approval process can take on average 7 days. We take care of the uploading and management of the app at this stage to save you time and to save you the hassle. We’re nice like that! When developing Android apps approval is almost instant so no waiting around for those guys!

6) Marketing – ‘The Promoting Stage’ – In reality decisions relating to the marketing of your app will be made very early on in the app development process. Whether its AppStore keyword optimisation, websites, social media or viral videos – we know how to market your newly developed app. Make sure it’s discovered by the right people on the right devices. Don’t forget to promote the app through all your existing marketing channels to ensure the app uptake is high. When your business develops an app it’s worthwhile to ensure that you get full value from that and utilise all the new opportunities. To name one example push notifications have a 97% read rate in comparison to email which is 1%. If all of your existing customers (with smartphones) have the app then you can communicate your promotions directly to your target market to increase repeat business. Whether your leaflet, utilise POS or simple word of mouth – letting your customers know about your newly developed app important. Shout about your new and improved customer service. Use QR codes if required to provide direct access. The options are endless but we can work out an app marketing strategy for your business budget.

This covers the app development process for both iPhone apps, iPad apps and Android apps.

This article was powered by The App Media Co. App developers who make apps work for you. Contact us for a no obligation consultation. We’re happy to help.


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TheAppMediaCo. are a team of friendly, approachable and highly skilled app developers with a difference. Based in Manchester, England but with a worldwide reach – we strive to fulfil our client’s needs. We have a track record of success working with businesses and individuals. Work with us and we know you’ll be happy with the outcome. iOS and Android specialists.

Pay Monthly Apps – We make apps affordable for all businesses.

Make your idea a reality – We can turn your app idea into reality. All levels of experience are welcome whether you are new to app development or an experienced pro. We can help.

Grow Your Business – We provide app media packages for businesses wanting to expand in the biggest growing economy sector. Boost sales, improve customer service and increase repeat business. We offer free consultations so we can provide the best solution for you and your business.

Bespoke development – We plan, design, develop, deliver and market mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. With a wide range of experience across business and enterprise sectors, our in-house development team and expert consultants work in partnership with your business to develop the best app package for you.

We have worked with various organisations and individuals to develop apps that fulfil their goals. Please see our website portfolio for further information and then get in touch – we’re only app developers – we won’t bite.

Business Telephone Answering Service

Business Telephone Answering Service

 Any Business Telephone Answering Service Offers The Finest Of All Worlds

Author: barrychristensen

Keeping the best business telephone answering services lowers active specialists and also those who own tiny organizations of an major responsibility. Substantial sources are thereby freed for further optimal usage. Newer entrepreneurs may set up as well as manage a business telephone answering service with comparable ease. Just one particular person operating from their own home may possibly realistically create 12-monthly profits well over $150,000 with correct equipment and support.

Numerous small enterprises will not have the required time or perhaps employees to get inbound calls during normal business hours, since they are out of the office or perhaps busy providing the product or service. Nonetheless, this sort of calls constitute their own livelihood. Therefore, a qualified business telephone answering service is literally worthy of the weight in gold.

Bigger businesses will also be choosing to outsource essential business telephone answering service just as much more cost-effective alternative to hiring internal staff. Common promotions of fine business telephone answering services include:

– Record incoming information before, in the course of, as well as following regular hours of operation;

– Full business telephone answering service

Phone callers are usually welcomed as if they’ve already reached a real enterprise area

– Toll-free phone number program

– Order-taking service

Inward bound callers place orders placed with regard to services or products in response to commercials

– Telephone call forwarding

Organization phones are usually forwarded to the business telephone answer service whenever personnel is actually out of the office

– Information delivery support

The answering service will get as well as files inbound announcements and also subsequently contacts these prospective customers for the client;

– Voice mail boxes

Physical recordation regarding inbound information with computerized callback;

– Beeper service

The particular business telephone answering service beeps it’s client business right after a great incoming call;

– Digital telesales

A digital dialing system connected to a regular phone line is used to build sales leads or perhaps distribute marketing with respect to answering service business consumers;

– Appointment establishing

Business telephone answering service workers get in touch with prospects to set up subsequent sales sessions;

– Cell phone gross sales

Cell phone calls are usually conducted by a business telephone answering service to be able to create certain goods and services sales about behalf its company consumer;

– Research

The actual business telephone answering service calls certain clients for pertinent comments or knowledge.

Obviously, not all companies are applicable to each company or perhaps profession. Particular products differ extensively amongst answering companies. Just before participating any business telephone answering service, accurate examination of business wants and financial guidelines is important.

Place will be everything

Big towns may currently have a somewhat large numbers of current business telephone answering services. Organizations requiring this kind of providers should start seeking in the nearest key city. Online search engines or perhaps the Yellow Pages are perfect options for locating business answering services.

Likewise, those trying to start a business telephone answering service must take a comparable tack. Perusing local business listings usually yields outstanding insights into market conditions and competition in a locale. One might even ascertain service “voids” which are ready for specialized services. If, as an example, there is a paucity regarding live-manned after-hours procedures in your area, this might be the right new calling regarding an enterprising entrepreneur.

Next would be the types of firms that are especially responsive towards by using a business telephone answering service for advertising functions: The firms that will make use of your ability to market on their behalf with all the phone tend to be substantial, and include:

-Retail stores
-Credit bureaus
-Wedding services
-Modeling and also dance educational facilities
-Home as well as workplace furnishings vendors
-Employment organizations
-Collection agencies
-Financial provider’s specialists
-Hotels and also motels
-Dance schools
-Carpet cleanup organizations
-Car washes
-Video sales as well as rental services
-Travel organizations
-Pet sitting and pet grooming solutions

Features of a good business telephone answering service

An optimistic professional graphic will be indispensable for virtually every business telephone answering service. You obtain merely one an opportunity to make a first impression. A great answering service is truly the initial and also solely – consumer point associated with contact with a firm. Prior to you signing a contract, take a look at the actual popularity and history of any prospective business telephone answering service with the BBB. Online evaluate web sites may also be perfect for harvesting others’ encounters with specific answering services.

BBB membership is highly a good idea for business telephone answering service companies. The particular regular membership payment will be small in comparison to the increased credibility and networking possibilities provided. Free or perhaps low-cost program tests are also commonly offered by business telephone answering service companies.

Tips for potential accomplishment

Inquire existing happy clients with regard to prospects. Likewise, if you’re the happy consumer of your great business telephone answering service, multiply the word all over. Bottom line Paradoxically, latest high-tech inventions within telecommunications have extended business telephone answering service niches. Consumers are careful of talking to devices and seeking to negotiate lengthy new choices manned by simulated sounds.

The personal feel made available from the business telephone answering service may virtually make or break a business. Mechanical breakdowns, specialized troubles, and also caller aggravation above incapability in order to achieve an active person are usually taken away. Man involvement will allow a range of devices as well as merchandising choices that are impossible via purely hardware indicates.

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