The Importance of Art Education

Someone has truly quoted that “Creativity is the father of all inventions”. It is the span of imagination that helped the great scientist of the past Isaac Newton to discover the Law of Gravity. According to some philosophical theories, a child takes birth with some innate ideas which are scattered in the mind board at the time of birth. Gradually with time, kids learn to place these ideas in their mind board and create a proper shape out of these. There are different activities that help the kids to strengthen their brain power; one of such activity is art.

The modern day schools are promoting art and craft activities because of their immense impact on the students. These are as important as science, math, computer education or other working subjects. Arts education is educating child about drawing, sketching, coloring, painting, crafts and other works related to these. Education related to performing arts, drama, music, dance and theatre also comes under the heading of arts education. Though many people don’t consider this area of education as important, but it exercises great impact on the mental and character development of a child. Some of the reasons for giving importance to art education are briefly discussed below:-

•  Art education boosts up our imaginative skills. For example, when kids are asked to draw a flower or a landscape, they actually have to imagine the things before putting their pencil to work. In this way their span of imagination get expanded,
•  Creativity is the core of any artwork. When a kid gets engaged in drawing something on the art copy or try to give shape to the modeling clay, they start thinking in a different way.

It is often noticed that kids try to draw different shapes on their art copies that do not really contain any meaning. Kids actually try to vent out their feelings by means of these figures,
•  Many research studies have proved that art education keeps the brain active. When kids get engage in activities like drawing, music, dance or drama, they start utilizing all their senses and learn to contrast, combine and compose new things,
•  Art education teaches the kids to think clearly about the things that are taught. Though people give priority to mathematics and sciences, but the fact is that arts education helps more make a kid logical and provides clarity in thoughts by giving visual image for every concept,
•  This branch of education also helps in developing motor skills of the children. Activity like drawing helps in developing fine motor skills while the physical activities like dancing impacts the gross motor skill development,
•  Art education teaches the kids to be self confidence. This kids of education helps the kids in expressing themselves in a better way which in turn boosts up their self confidence,
•  These activities also teach the kids to be self disciplined. In order to acquire mastery over art, dance or drama, kids need to follow a particular routine.

On a deep level, art is a form of communication, it is another way of expressing ourselves and our emotions and it can help with processing feelings and experiences.

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While talking about the education in Lagos we feel the great pleasure as the educational status of the Lagos is a higher one. To meet the running time the Lagos state introduced the latest courses, teaching styles in all the educational institutes. To educate the children, boys and youngsters there are different institutes in Lagos which are discussed as under:-


In Lagos for the education of kids and nursery students up till now the usual education system is there however now a new practice is under progress. The new manner to be adopted is the education to the kids and nursery students through songs to be performed in groups. Relevant syllabus in being converted into rhymes by different schools teachers/other genius for the convenience of the students. Priority is science subject. It is being expected that it would be proved an easier way to learn for the students of nursery and kids.

After the nursery there is junior school system in Lagos where the students are taught different subjects of that level. Primary education is being considerably focused and for this very basic education in 2000 a policy was made by the Nigerian Government. According to this policy the teachers for this education were to be trained prior to teach the students. In 1994 the Lagos state established an institute namely LAGOS STATE COLLEGE OF PRIMARY EDUCATION to educate/train the graduate persons for the primary school system of the Lagos.
Like the junior school system of Lagos the senior school system has also been amazingly improved by the Lagos State.

The subjects have been selected according to the current necessity of the time. Special training for the education of senior school students has been given to the new and already serving teachers of this system.


For the students seeking for the college education Lagos State College of Education is there. As per importance of the college education this college has been made a very useful channel for the needy students. All the subjects preferably the science subjects are studied there by the skilled lecturers and professors.


It is very important to talk about the LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY while mentioning the universities of the Lagos city. Federal Government of the Nigeria is owner of this university and the education for all the classes/subjects is strictly controlled by the Government. This university has given so many talented persons to the state who have/had the remarkable status in the country. Because of its discipline, education, skilled teachers and other activities this university is a famous one in the Lagos as well as Nigeria.


Not only the Lagos has sufficient institutions for the younger’s and the elders education owned by the Lagos state but also has several private educational institution. There is a useful competition between private nursery, primary, junior, senior schools, colleges and universities for the best education of the students.


In Lagos for different technologies and vocations there is a plenty of such institutions owned by the State and private individuals. These institutes have served the country with a large number of technical persons who are the important figures in the progress of the country.

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Love Poem Activities

So what can you write love poems on anyway? Well, we will discuss the different types of love in later sections but there are also some activities you can use to help you write love poems, even if they are just for practice.

Use your loved one’s name. Write the person’s name vertically on a piece of paper. Use each letter to create a line of a poem.


To love you
Is the greatest gift
More than gold or jewels
Or riches or fame,
Treasures or any worldly possessions
Holding you completes me
You are my darling everything

· 13 Ways Poem. Write a poem listing 13 ways or things that you love about the person.

· The Word Game. Pick one word at random, or have someone pick one for you. Then write a love poem by using this word. This will make you creative.

· Picture Poem. Get a picture from a post card, magazine, etc and then write a love poem based on the picture. A picture of the beach might remind you of being there with your loved one. Blue sky may inspire you to write about her eyes, etc.

· Use a picture from a magazine, a post card or a family photo album, etc to help inspire you to write a poem. If you have a picture of the person you are writing the love poem for, this might be very helpful.

· ABC Poem. Just like the name poem, you write the alphabet, or part of it vertically and then make a poem for your loved one from it.

· Descriptive poem. Write a poem that describes the special person; her hair, eyes, lips, skin, etc. This is a great way to give an image of the person and to practice imagery in your writing.

· Word list. Make a list of words, just random words and then sit down and write a poem based around these words.

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