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Technology is definitely there to make lives of people easier. In reality, thanks to technology the field of emotions been specifically conquered. Don’t attempt to think dirty here folks. What I’m talking about is the love connection that will happen through online dating sites and chatting rooms or software for example ICQ, MSN or MIRC.

As a result of these websites and chat software individuals have been given a better chance to locate their partner. It is because people are given the chance to get in touch wherever they could be. All different cultures and walks of life have the ability to meet with an easy click from the keyboard. Simply speaking an individual has got an improved chance to fulfill his / her partner due to the greater number of daters. Additionally it is easier to fulfill people online because of online date sites and forums.

After chatting for a time and observing the other person, it would be natural to fulfill. It will be a pretty shallow relationship if both of you are happy to become forever just chatting. Both persons that are really trying to find someone to talk to.

Finding love through the internet provides the two sides to get intimate straight away. The reason being it’s easier to become yourself when chatting online. Just imagine you can say anything stupid and you also won’t see your partner convinced that it’s corny. Instead most chatters, while you are pretty corny just type LOL (laugh aloud).

Because of the perception that you have built about yourself and the other person, meeting them becomes quite difficult. This is because of the perception you have directed at them during chatting could not be really you. You both will have higher expectations of who the true person in fact is.

Additional problems that online chatting could present could be the confidence of the person. As it is easier to speak online, an individual that is very shy or timid may have trouble keeping up with who she or he in fact is. Anyone instead is similar to living all possible worlds.

When also meeting for the first time after long periods of chatting which could last within the wee hours with the morning, is being able to adjust. Both of you would have to determine that it will be harder to talk on true to life because of certain additional factors involved. You are now both capable of seeing the person’s mannerisms. This is the toughest part that you would have to overcome. Once you’ve gone past this, the others is going to be easier.

It’s suggestible though to suggest dating sooner rather than later. When meeting earlier in the chatting stages, this prevents both person having higher expectations. And also this helps both parties to determine right away whether they are only better of friends or always develop the partnership. This helps both parties prevent disappointment and heartaches.


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Things To Talk About On A First Date: Dating Tips – Creating A Wonderful Change!

Now days the online dating sites are creating a wonderful change in the desperate singles life. It is act like a ray of light in the dark and lonely life of the desperate singles. All the process and system of the online dating sites have designed so flexible that you can get sure success to get a well match one. For the dating success the first date is playing major role because presently the dating partners have faced each other first time. In this regard, both have faced nervousness regarding how to face each other. If you have faced such types of problem in your first dating, then the online dating sites right option for you. These sites have designed by the popular dating experts, so you can get many dating advice through which you can change your attitude as well as behavior to impress your dating partner.
Is Onlin Dting Sf for Womn?

Onlin dting hs grown in populrity ovr th yrs s th intrnt bcoms wy of lif for mny. With onlin dting bcoming mor minstrm nd ccptd, som womn r still doubtful whthr it is sf wy to mk frinds. Som of th qustions tht pop up in womn’s minds includ, How do I know if h is not wcko or sril killr?’ or How do I protct myslf if my dt dos not turn out th wy I wnt it to?’ or Wht do I hv to do to nsur tht I only mt th right typ of popl?’ or How do I know if my dt is not prtnding to b somon tht h is not?’ Ths r th typs of qustions tht frquntly pop up in womn’s minds whn thy contmplt th vibility of onlin dting.

Onlin dting cn fun nd scur wy to mt othr popl if you tk th ncssry prcutions. It cn b grt plc to build loving nd trusting frindships tht ld to lsting, offlin rltionships. Howvr, whthr you dcid to corrspond onlin or mt mmbrs offlin, sound judgmnt nd common sns should b xrcisd. In both th virtul nd rl worlds, mking n ffort to find out mor bout your dt is th bst sfty tool. Th following r som onlin dting tips for womn:

Do not mt up physiclly for dt immditly whn you r t th bginning of th rltionship. Tk tim to find out mor bout your nw found frind first, by communicting solly vi mil.

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Relationship Timeline

When we talk of human emotions and particularly something as indescribable as the feeling of being in love, there can never ever be certainty about it. Why people fall in love, how they fall in love, when and with whom, no one can really tell. If you ever ask couples in relationship how much time it took them to know that they are the “one” for each other, the answers will range from years to months to days to even five seconds! So, to say for certain that there is a relationship timeline which all couples go through, is nothing but humbug! However, most healthy relationships (I would not say all), do go through some common stages, before culminating into a serious long-term partnership for life. 

Stages of a Relationship Timeline

As I mentioned above, there are a few relationship stages which almost all couples go through. The first of these is the romance stage. In this stage, both the man and the woman feel highly attracted to one another. They date, meet often, call each other and have fun together. Both of them are at their best behavior at this stage and ignore whatever flaws they might see in each other. Researches show that during the romance stage the body produces endorphins, which make a person feel happy and unusually excited all the time. The man and the woman, during this stage, cannot even imagine to be separated from one another. They want to spend every waking moment in each other’s company. 

Next comes the stage when illusions fade. People in a relationship realize that after all they are “people”.

Their partners are not as unique, special or different as they thought they were. They have some shortcomings and flaws just like any other person. The man and the woman may tend to withdraw a bit from each other during this stage. If the communication between the two is not strong, the relationship may never move forward to the “power struggle” stage and it may end in a relationship break up. 

If you look at a typical relationship timeline, you will see that this is one of the most difficult amongst all stages of a healthy relationship. During this stage, both the partners see each other for who they really are. The partners may start resenting each other’s habits. There are lots of clashes, fights and trust issues. If the couple is able to survive this stage, they are most likely to stay committed. 

After knowing about each other’s differences, if the couple is still able to form a friendship, an emotional bond between them, it lends a kind of stability to their relationship. The man and the woman realize that although they are very different from each other and have some relationship issues, yet their basic values and goals in life are somewhat similar. The partners, during this stage, are able to develop trust in between them. They may not fantasize about each other any more but they certainly feel more connected emotionally and physically. What follows next is a public acknowledgment of the relationship. The couple introduces each other to one’s friends and family. There is talk of an engagement or marriage in the future. 

If you have ever been in a relationship before, you must have observed that you too went through some of the stages of a relationshipgiven here. Although, there is no fixed relationship timeline for men or women as every relationship is different, still, if you are a woman, an important relationship advice is to know the guy well, his nature, his personality, his values and his lifestyle, before taking things further. This will save you from lots of disappointments in the future. The same holds true for men too. Do not make a commitment or say that you love the woman, just because she wants to hear those words, talk of commitment only when you mean it!

Timeline of Sara & Geordan’s relationship

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Holiday Ideas – Safari Holidays

When it comes to safari holidays, there is no better place than the continent of Africa. Africa is blessed with vast grasslands and rain forests that are packed with animals. The continent is known for its fauna and has always been a favourite holiday spot for many animal lovers. Tanzania and Kenya are the most visited places in Africa when it comes to safari.

Nature At Your Fingertips

Safari holidays bring a person very close to nature. Going on a safari lets the tourists see wildlife in its natural setting, roaming the African plains. The safaris are usually conducted by experienced professionals who give excellent guidance and take the tourists to the best spots. The tours are usually conducted in jeeps. Sighting animals on the African plains are exciting and quite an experience. The animals roam so close to the jeep that it is almost possible to touch them. These safaris also give the tourists a taste of the African tribes and their customs.

It could be said that Kenya is the one of the most popular locations in Africa. The Kenya safari holidays are unforgettable experiences. In Kenya alone, there are several reserves like Mount Kenya, Nairobi, Masai Mera, Kora, Meru, Sambru, and Shaba National Parks. Masai Mera is actually a national reserve and one of the best places to visit in Africa. A visit to this natural habitat is an experience that no tourist would forget. The reserve is famous for its cheetahs, zebras, gazelles, spotted hyenas, and wild beasts. It is close to the Serengeti National Park of Tanzania.

Tanzania is again a great destination for safari holidays. The Serengeti National Park is very famous all around the world. It is the home for many rare species of animals, some of whom are threatened due to human destruction. The park is famous for its elephants, leopards, black rhinoceros, and buffalos. One of the unique features of Serengeti is that it has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is between the Serengeti and Masai Mara that the Great Migration occurs. This is a natural phenomenon and refers to millions of herbivores cascading between the two reserves in search of green.

The lodgings available in these locations are usually very close to the reserve and give the tourist a taste of wildlife. There are quaint tree-top lodges where a person can live on top of the trees. This gives an excellent view of the reserve even at night. Also, there are experiences quoted by tourists of seeing wild beasts and elephants roam the boundaries of their resort at night. Tourists are able to hear lions roar and elephants trumpet in the quite of the night.

If it is safari holidays, the best choice is Africa. There is no other place that would give a more rewarding and unforgettable experience than Africa when it comes to wildlife. The reserves and their tours are all remarkable experiences that can be cherished forever.

Safari holidays are a perfect blend of luxury and adventure. These holidays are so indulgent that you will keep coming back. The natural unbroken craters and the big five animals offer a unique experience.For more information about Kenya Safari visit

Art Deco Chandelier – Info

A chandelier is a light fixture that hangs from the ceiling lamp outlet. These come with a number of small bulbs and most have crystals and other shiny ornaments. Chandeliers use to be associated with royalty or social class, but are not seen in almost every home. One type of chandelier is an art deco chandelier.

Art Deco is considered one of the more popular schools of décor in society and is used by the most wealthy down to those who need to save every penny. It can be applied to just about any type of décor but if your looking for something to add to a room that is sure to catch the eye and posses your guests sense of style then the chandelier is sure to do just that.  A simple change in lighting can transform, an otherwise less than appealing room, into a feast of opulent eclectic beauty for the eyes.

These modern classics lost it’s popularity in the 70s but are on the upswing now.  Some of these chandeliers can be opulent antiques from a bygone era or a more modern redesign of classical and even famous pieces. The styles vary from streamlined steel, solid antique stone, wrought iron, or warm inviting wood designs.

These great pieces of warm blooming light and can transform a room’s ambiance.  These are usually placed in center of a living room or dining room and can dramatically change the setting from dull to  mesmerizing.

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Relationship Couples

I’m not that old, so I don’t know for sure, but it seems like these days we make everything so much more complicated than it needs to be. That is especially true when it comes to relationship couples seem to find it so hard to figure out the problem and many times the problem is a small and simple thing.

One analogy I often use is that of a stone wall. Think of your relationship. Every time you do or say something that hurts or annoys your partner, it’s like adding another stone to the wall.  A couple stones here and a few stones there don’t matter all that much, you can still easily step over the wall to be close to your partner.

And, if you apologize, and make permanent changes, to the behaviors that caused your partner pain or annoyance, you can even remove a stone sometimes.  

But if you do like most couples do, and you continue to add stones after stones after stones, and you don’t remove any, you will find it virtually impossible to connect with your partner. By that point it will be very difficult and maybe even impossible to tear down the wall and have a meaningful relationship with your partner.

The trick is to make sure your wall never gets too high. How? Easy, talk. Just talk, don’t yell, don’t shout, don’t accuse…talk.

It’s very important each person in the relationship remembers that the other person has feelings too. When you are hurt and upset it’s very easy to make everything all about ‘you’.  That won’t work.

If you take the time to realize that your partner has their point of view and remember, this has absolutely nothing to do with right and wrong, it’s simply about recognizing that each person has their own view of what has happened and you need to let them express that view without getting defensive or upset, you might actually find that you are on the same page…just a different sentence!

I’ve had that very same experience. My spouse and I had very heated discussions but once we calmed down and actually talked, and listened, we realized though we were saying it in different ways we were both saying basically the same thing!

Once you come to that place it will help you take a stone out of your wall and it can also help you in the future if you can remember that you and your partner probably aren’t all that far off from each other, you’re just expressing yourselves differently.

For the most part no matter what your age, gender, religious, or sexual preferences, everyone wants to feel love, respected, appreciated, and understood. You want that and so does your partner, when it comes to relationship couples will be much better off if they never lose sight of that.  If you try to deal with your partner with those things in mind, and they do the same for you, your relationship will be much smoother, and there will be a lot fewer stones in your wall. > Great tips on relationships, click here.

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