7 health and fitness secrets from meghan markle by News Chanel

7 health and fitness secrets from meghan markle
Home Fitness Celebrity Body Previous article By Amy Hopkinson 26 September 2017 Next article As American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just made their first public debut at the Invictus Games in Toronto, were revisiting the day she told us all about her health and fitness rules. Meghan Markle is probably best known for her role as Rachel Zane on the USA legal drama Suits. On screen Markle battles egos and red tape to inch closer to her dreams. Off screen, she does the same, making the m…
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Whether you have a fitness enthusiast, a nutritionist wannabe or a yoga guru on your shopping list, everyone can use the gift of good health. Here are 5 health-inspired gifts ideas.

Fitness And Golf

Fitness is such an important aspect to enjoying the game of golf over the long term.  But so many golfers don’t pay attention to their overall fitness any more than the rest of us do.  But while golf is not a physical game football or basketball, being in shape can help your game so much.

Let’s start by talking about stretching.  Stretching is something that people just don’t do enough of anyway.  As we age, we tend to lose flexibility as part of the process. So stretching is important in general.  For golfers, flexibility is important to the golf swing. Getting that good shoulder turn in the back swing can make a big difference in your ball striking and your distance.

One of the things that I notice many times in a round of golf is how I will get a little tired around the 13th or 14th hole. Being in good overall shape can help with this.  Usually what will happen if I am a little tired is I lose my focus and then my shots start to go all over the place.  And I don’t have to be really exhausted, just a little fatigue can cause me to lose that sharp focus.  The worse you are out of overall shape, the greater likelihood that you will have a second half swoon like this.

One of the things that many amateur golfers don’t totally understand is the importance of the legs to the golf swing.  But good balance and leg strength go hand in hand.  A good exercise regimen that focuses on the legs or even walking on a regular basis can help maintain good leg strength. And walking during your rounds of golf instead of riding a cart can help to keep you and your legs in shape.

Now some people question whether golfers should lift weights.  My experience is that weight training, done consistently and correctly is great for overall health.  I’m not talking about body building, heavy lifting, maximum bench press and all that sort of thing.  I’m talking about an overall conditioning program that includes light to medium weight for upper and lower body.  With a good stretching program this will not bulk you up or make you stiff and inflexible.  Which means it won’t hurt your golf game.

Take a look around the PGA tour these days and you’ll see more and more of the pros working out including using weights to get in shape and stay in shape.

Now one last aspect of golf and fitness is one that many of us don’t want to hear.  But the longer we exercise and stay in shape, the longer we can enjoy the game of golf.  Unfortunately in our society today, too many people age early, not because of health problems.  But because they don’t take care of their body with consistent exercise that really works them hard and keeps them healthy.  But if you want to enjoy golf for many years to come, much less enjoy life more, get into a regular exercise routine today.

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Facts and Fiction regarding Health and Fitness

There is always some truth to the untruths. The reason is that each person’s body reacts differently to exercise. What is correct for one person may not be necessarily correct for others, or some percentage of other people. In that situation, it is not a lie at all. That is why you need to deal with questionable truths, or information, almost on a case by case basis. Research is the real clue to getting to the truth about health and fitness. Research is the only way to make sure there is solid information about health and fitness.

You can find several yoga and back pain products online. Yoga is touted as a means for relieving your back pain. This statement can be misleading and dangerous, although yoga can help in some cases. If the cause of your back pain is muscle related than yoga can be helpful. Doing yoga can be good if you need to stretch or strengthen the muscles in your back. Once you have done that, your back pain may very well go away. Doing yoga will not relieve back pain due to bone issues such as a problem with a spinal disc, however. In this kind of situation, you risk doing more damage by practicing yoga. Over extension is another mythical being that goes something like this, if you aren’t feeling the burn you aren’t doing enough. The effects of a hard workout are not always apparent, it can take a day or two before you feel the effects of your work. You may hit the gym hard after a long time without this kind of activity and it is then that you will feel the after effects over time rather than right away. Don’t rush into it, get a checkup and go slow for a better longer lasting experience.

Significantly reduce your chances of developing serious disease symptoms with diet and exercise which is proven effective by many researchers. You’ve no doubt heard for years about the effects of exercise on cardiovascular health. There are many other conditions that can also be affected by a good exercise program and healthy diet. Your commitment to a healthy diet and exercise can also help you slow the effects of aging on your body.

Learn what you can and decide for yourself which is true and which is false. For your own sanity and interest, do this regularly. Before you go out half cocked and exert the energy and time necessary for a change in lifestyle you need to know that you are doing it right. When you have a properly calculated exercise routine based solely on your research you will reap the benefits.

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