What is the role of an energy broker?

In just a few years, the visibility of energy brokers has increased and highlighted their role in finding the best electricity and gas deals. In an inflationary context, their mission is all the more justified! Although the sectors of companies providing services, crafts, industry, hotels and restaurants are diverse, they have a common goal: to optimize their energy expenditure.

An energy broker is an independent consultant who perfectly knows the market and the offers of energy suppliers (gas and electricity). The task of this expert, just like that of a real estate loan or insurance broker, is to find the cheapest or most advantageous contract based on the specific needs of the company.

Some energy brokers extend their services to individuals as well, but in most cases it is a service aimed at professionals.

What is the specific role of an energy broker?

Once authorized, the energy broker positions itself as an intermediary between the company and energy suppliers, whether historic or alternative, with green offers that favor renewable sources.

His mission is primarily to study the consumption profile and determine a suitable strategy in cooperation with the sales manager. This crucial step is necessary to define what will be the most attractive offer that combines performance and controlled costs. This need is increasingly expressed by entrepreneurs who want to take a better stance in the face of rising prices.

It then focuses on bringing the offerings available in the market to the competition. Thanks to privileged and permanent relationships with energy suppliers, the broker is able to negotiate rates and contract terms. Getting advice when choosing a professional energy supplier is a significant advantage when you know that energy contracts for professionals are sometimes very complex and have more conditions for obtaining them.

What are the benefits of using an energy broker?

The main attraction of energy brokerage is choosing a strategy that remains scalable. Personalized support from your broker allows you to follow developments in your business, such as national deployments, multiple leases, moving premises and also opening new branches. The energy broker offers his skills at your service:

  • optimize expenses and energy bills to save in the face of inflation and control your cash flow;
  • improve the tax situation. Energy consumption taxes may vary depending on the region, type of energy used and government regulations. In some cases, an intermediary helps to obtain a partial or full exemption;
  • achieve new goals such as reducing the carbon footprint, contributing to greener energy or reducing costs to improve sustainability;
  • get personalized advice for smarter consumption, sometimes on current energy management and consumption habits, to adapt to the scale of VSE, SME, national subsidiary or even a large group;
  • rely on expertise to negotiate appropriate contractual clauses without unpleasant surprises (give only one example about the duration of obligations);
  • benefit from your network by finding deals you wouldn’t find or get on your own.

All this while enjoying a relationship of trust and transparency to support the growth of your business!

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