Uranium from Niger: the Chinese company starts up again

Uraniumkey element in current contextgains in importance with the war in Ukraine and challenges energy transition. This heavy metal is crucial for productionnuclear energyan alternative that is increasingly being considered for reduction greenhouse gas emissions. The stability of uranium supply became a question geostrategic, especially due to international tensions and the volatility of energy markets. The recent increase in uranium prices reflects this dynamic and underlines the strategic importance of this mineral for years to come.

THE Niger, rich in natural resources, is a major player in the uranium market. PUSH Mining company Azelik (Somina), majority owner China, announces the resumption of uranium mining in Azelik after a ten-year hiatus. The decision comes in the context of rising prices that have made operations profitable again. The Azelik mine is located 200 kilometers southwest of Arlitstarted its operations in 2011, but had to suspend it in 2014 due to the drop in world prices.

The new military regime in Niger, which came to power in July 2023, shows sovereignty over natural resources as a priority. In this context Colonel Ousmane Abarchi, the recently appointed Minister of Mines, visited Azelika to ensure that adequate safety measures are in place, especially in terms of protection against radioactive contamination. The visit highlights the government’s commitment to promoting investment and ensuring environmental and safety standards.

At the same time, high demand for nuclear power and international geopolitical tensions they contribute to the permanent increase in the value of uranium and strengthen the economic interest in its production. Somina’s takeover is not an isolated case; Canadian company Global Atomic Corporation also started uranium mining Dasha in 2022, marking renewed interest in Niger’s uranium resources.

So Niger and its partners are not just reacting to market dynamics by restarting uranium mining. They also redefine the foundations of cooperation geopolitical and economic focused on the responsible and sovereign management of natural resources, which is essential for a global energy future.

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