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Posted May 14, 2024 at 5:17 pm.

Discover this amazing plant that is perfect for a balcony or terrace and can stay outside all year round – © IStock / OE993

Installing pretty plants is one of the most popular options for decorating your exterior. But between temperature fluctuations, culture and size, there is sometimes something that gets lost in our selection of plant companions.

Although finding the perfect plant can quickly become complicated, the ideal tree does in fact exist. Named “hemp palm” and sometimes nicknamed “Chinese palm”, its robustness still convinces gardeners and lovers of exotic decorations. For good reason, it can be installed both indoors and outdoors and has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. A popular garden companion, it also finds its place in flower pots, on terraces and balconies.

How to install a hemp palm tree?

Of course, the palm tree flourishes perfectly in open soil. However, if you are the lucky owner of a balcony or terrace, you are by no means doomed to give up this beautiful tree from Asia. However, to successfully plant a palm tree in a pot, it is necessary to choose a suitable container. Choose a pot that is spacious enough so that the roots of your plant can grow easily. Also, be sure to choose a container equipped with drainage holes to prevent water from accumulating. Another detail to seriously consider: the quality of the soil used. Choose a quality soil specially formulated for tropical plants. Once the palm is equipped with the proper equipment, plant it, being careful not to damage the roots when moving it from its original container. Equipping gardening gloves is key for this step to avoid injury from the tree’s leaves. Also make sure that the root ball of the plant is level with the edge of the pot and fill any gaps with fresh soil.

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Where to install a hemp palm tree?

To ensure the health of the hemp palm, it is necessary to choose its location wisely. These trees are native to Central Asia and generally thrive in warm, sunny environments. Therefore, look for a place that provides natural light for your companion. But be careful not to flood it with heat. In areas where summers can be particularly hot, partial shade in the peak season can be beneficial to avoid excessive heat stress. But don’t panic, this tree will thrive even in rainy places. He loves water and needs regular watering, the oceanic climate does not frighten him.

How to maintain a hemp palm tree?

Once the palm tree is installed in the pot, place it in a bright location. Maintain regular watering and allow the soil to dry out slightly between sessions to prevent root rot. Also, remember to regularly trim dead or damaged leaves and watch for signs of pests or diseases. As soon as winter comes, there is no need to equip the tree with an insulating cover, because this species can withstand temperatures down to -18 degrees. Perfect for all regions, suitable even for plant lovers who don’t have a green thumb.

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