Ryanair closes its Bordeaux base: 3 aircraft moved, 40 routes canceled since November

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Ryanair announced this Tuesday, May 14, that it will close its Gironde base in November following the failure of negotiations with Bordeaux Airport over the amount of passenger fees the airlines levy on tickets.

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– From November, Ryanair will no longer serve Bordeaux airport

Due to a commercial dispute regarding the amount of the passenger fee, Ryanair will move three of its aircraft in the Gironde to other airports in Europe, which will result in the loss of 40 Ryanair routes to and from Bordeaux Airport and the loss of at least 90 jobs. All pilots and cabin crew have been informed of the closure of the Bordeaux base with effect from November 2024, the company said. All flight attendants will be offered “similar positions at other interesting bases within the Ryanair group network“.

Last March, Michael O’Leary, the head of low-cost airlines, already rebelled against management the Bordeaux airport complex, which wanted to increase the passenger tax collected by airlines. on each ticketThe airport wants to double our fees and we don’t want to pay it” he told AFP. “There is a real risk that we will close our base in Bordeaux, possibly at the end of the summer season», he added on the sidelines of the summit of airline representatives in Brussels.

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In a statement, Ryanair’s chief commercial officer, Jason McGuinness, said he was “we are disappointed that Bordeaux Airport has not accepted the expansion of our low-cost base from November 2024“. And he goes on to explain that “Due to rising costs, we have no financial alternative but to close our Bordeaux base in November and relocate these aircraft and jobs to cheaper bases elsewhere in the Ryanair Group’s extensive network of airports across Europe.“.

Many regional airports court the low-cost carrier with heavy subsidies. The latest is Trieste Airport in Italy, Ryanair’s new base and which has just acquired seven new destinations (including Paris Beauvais), according to the Business Travel website. A point also made by Jason McGuinness in his press release: “This summer we will open five new air bases in Copenhagen, Dubrovnik, Reggio Calabria, Tangier and Trieste. All these airports offer incentives to support the growth of low-cost airlines, while we cannot agree on similar incentives with Bordeaux..”.

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