Partially satisfactory health benefits

Only four in ten employees (40%) believe their employer’s health care plan fully meets their needs. (Photo: 123RF)

More than one in two Canadian workers feel that their employer’s health benefits plan is not fully meeting their needs.

Health benefits offered by employers do not fully meet the needs of more than half of employees (56%), according to a survey by Telus Health as part of its monthly mental health index.

Only four in ten employees (40%) believe their employer’s health care plan fully meets their needs. Others believe that their needs are met only by the types of services offered (30%), or that the amounts paid are satisfactory (11%). Finally, 14% are not at all satisfied and 4% say they do not use their employer’s health care plan.

The mental health index of completely satisfied employees (71.5) is 17.1 points higher than for those who are not satisfied at all (51.4).

Overall, the mental health index is improving (64.4) after two consecutive months of decline. The best improvement is seen in Quebec, as the score increased from 61.6 to 67.5 between February and March 2024.

In addition, almost two in five managers (39%) find it difficult to manage the emotional needs of their team. These managers make up the group with the worst mental health scores.

And far more managers under the age of 40 (70%) than those over 50 manage the emotional needs of one or more of their team members.

Finally, more than four in ten workers (42%) said they were concerned that not having enough access to a health care provider would have a negative impact on their health. That fear lowers their mental health scores, which are six points below the national average.

By Didier Bert

This text was published on the website of Advantages magazine.

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