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Updated May 14, 2024 at 5:45 p.m.

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Let’s have an explosion of happiness in the garden by adding color to our outdoor furniture.

Pop, acid, muted shades… garden furniture has become increasingly visible and assertive in recent years. Now displayed in summer colors to forget the traditional wood and wrought iron. This season we prefer vibrant colors with a refreshing French Riviera spirit or green for a refreshing cottagecore vibe. We therefore dare to use an invigorating color palette that is good for both morale and vision. Whether around an in-ground pool, covered under an awning or to create a dining area on the terrace, this summer we are adding color to our lives.

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How to mix colors in the garden?

The garden becomes a field of all possibilities. If our interiors are a little cold when we transition to color, our exteriors will be all the more filled. You can use discreet touches with colors that reflect those of nature so that the furniture and vegetation blend in. You can also use a bold and sunny chromatic range. Lemon yellow, azure blue, bubblegum pink are available on designer garden furniture, parasols and other outdoor accessories. For a retro vibe, pair one of these shades with white and wavy curves. In a more modern environment, the lines will be stricter and the colors will be more assertive, such as deep blue or brick red.

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