Watching videos of cleaned kitchens, the new obsession that is shaking up TikTok

The kitchen is a place of life and exchange. We eat there, we prepare good food there. This is where our relationship to others and to food is manifested. A room can quickly turn upside down. It is essential to put them in order again. On social networks, this cleaning is taken to an extreme and can even turn into a real obsession. This phenomenon is called: “Pantry Porn”.

Experts recommend doing these little cleanings every day. Discover them in the video:

Don’t be fooled by its name, “Pantry Porn” does not contain sexual content, far from it. Videos featuring #pantryporn on TikTok show smiling women opening kitchen cabinets with before/after footage. Cans are aligned, starches are carefully stored in transparent glass or plastic containers. Spices, in turn, are installed on small shelves. Nothing stands out, everything is perfectly organized. Maybe a little too much.

A sense of satisfaction

“Pantry Porn” comes from the CleanTok phenomenon, which also appeared on TikTok. The principle? Internet users are filming themselves while doing housework. Sinks are polished, toilets scrubbed, windows cleaned. All this before our mesmerized eyes.

Psychologist Florence Millot explains to us the reasons for this almost fascination with cleaning and tidying videos. “All images are mesmerizing. Even more so with videos from social networks. Their format is often very short. We watch them quickly, chain them without seeing how time passes. When we scrub, vacuum, clean or wipe, gestures and actions then they stop It’s a bit the same as with cleaning videos, where the real relaxation is even stronger is the satisfaction of the eyes and the satisfaction of the impression that we too have a tidy and tidy home.

You might think that “Pantry Porn” is a healthy phenomenon. After all, it is about order in the kitchen from top to bottom. But this need to store and exhibit has its limits, as Florence Millot explains. “With mirror neurons, we can get into a trap. We get the impression we’re doing something, in this case cleaning, when we’re not. That’s a big problem. Watching too much video can turn us off. We can compare ourselves to People filming themselves, obviously doing cleaning and cleaning better than us, we can’t identify with them anymore.

“Pantry Porn”, an exposer of social inequalities?

If we look at several “Pantry Porn” videos, we quickly find that the same codes are repeated: mostly white, rich, well-dressed women, living in beautiful and luxurious kitchens decorated in very light tones. such as white or beige. American sociologist Jenna Drenten, specializing in marketing at Loyola University in Chicago, suggests in one of her essays that “Pantry Porn” reinforces social inequalities. “What lies behind this ‘anti-disorder’ is primarily a story of class, racist and sexist social structures. In my research, the influencers who produce ‘Pantry Porn’ are primarily white women who demonstrate what maintaining should look like “beautiful”. “the home by creating a new status symbol: the perfectly organized and well-stocked pantry.”

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