Property prices in Montpellier in May 2024: purchase and rental indices

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Focus on the real estate market in Montpellier from May 1, 2024: find our sales and rental price indexes for the metropolis.

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Is buying or renting an apartment in Montpellier part of your plans? Find out about local market developments with data from Fnaim and Clameur.
If you are first thinking about investing in this city or buying a home, be aware that on May 1, 2024, the selling price there was €3,495/m² according to Fnaim (National Real Estate Federation) data. This index recorded a decrease of 2% in the last quarter. On the other hand, a decrease of 2.7% was recorded from last year. From the data collected, we also observe that prices have seen a significant increase over the last three years: +6.6%.

Price per m² in Montpellier: what will change in May 2024?

As of May 1, 2024, it was possible to own a house in Montpellier for an average of €4,210/m², while an apartment cost around €3,388/m². Details of average transactions per property area are available here:

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  • House T3: €4,530/m²
  • House T4: €4,168/m²
  • House T5: €4,107/m²
  • House T6 and more: 4,174 EUR/m²
  • T1 flat: EUR 3,931/m²
  • T2 apartment: EUR 3,627/m²
  • Apartment T3: 3,342 EUR/m²
  • Apartment T4 and more: 2,948 EUR/m²

The average price in this municipality is 11% higher than the average observed for the entire department, i.e. EUR 3,108/m². Find all FNAIM properties to rent or buy in Montpellier.

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Rents/m² in Montpellier: property rentals over the last 4 quarters

Looking for the average rent for an apartment in Montpellier? Data from the Clameur Observatory includes information regarding leases signed in Montpellier for one year.

Over the last 4 quarters, the median* rent for an apartment of all sizes combined in Montpellier is €14/m². This amount does not include fees.
The trend in rents is upward. In fact, we are seeing +3.3% growth compared to the same period last year.
Median rent* by type of accommodation offered for rent in Montpellier (based on the last 4 quarters and excluding fees):

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  • Apartment T1: 19 EUR/m²
  • Apartment T2: 14 EUR/m²
  • Apartment T3 and more: €12/m²

Compared to the equivalent period 4 quarters a year ago, tenants are paying an average of +5.5% for T1 rentals, +1.9% for T2 and +3.1% for typical housing and above. In 5 years, there is a variation: T1 housing +14.4%, +7% for T2 rentals and +7.7% for T3 and more.

* When we talk about the median rent, it means that half of the properties have rents lower than this value and the other half have higher rents. This indicator represents the state of the market more than the average, as it is less affected by extreme values.

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Moving or investing in Montpellier: the essentials you should know before you start

The infrastructure of Montpellier is adapted to the area of ​​its territory (57 km²), as well as its population – the municipality has 290,053 inhabitants. In terms of location, it is located in Hérault, in the Occitanie region.
Montpellier has various assets. According to information provided by INSEE, 6 theaters and 6 cinemas are available for cultural trips. For sports, there are 10 swimming pools, 28 gyms and 30 stadiums. There are 4,344 businesses in the city to buy groceries and more. For retirees, families or even students, the city has 162 green spaces, which are synonymous with tranquility for residents.

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