Property prices in Grenoble in May 2024: purchase and rental indices

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A look at the real estate market in Grenoble from May 1, 2024: find our sales and rental price indexes for the city.

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Is buying or renting an apartment in Grenoble part of your plans? Find out about developments in the local market thanks to the values ​​of Fnaim (National Real Estate Federation) and Clameur.
Do you want to invest in real estate? In this city and according to the Fnaim index, the average sales price on May 1, 2024 was 2,619 EUR/m². Over the last three months, this index recorded a decrease of 2%, in year-on-year comparison by 5.3%. Referring to the figures for the last three years, we also note a significant increase in property prices by +1.2%.

Price per m² in Grenoble: what about the real estate market in May 2024?

The indices from 1 May 2024 also indicate that buying a house in Grenoble represents an investment of 3,638 EUR/m² on average. The apartment is affordable today for €2,586/m². The following numbers will give you a more accurate overview of prices by housing type:

  • House T3: 4,181 EUR/m²
  • House T4: 4,004 EUR/m²
  • House T5: 3,548 EUR/m²
  • House T6 and more: 3,242 EUR/m²
  • T1 flat: EUR 3,038/m²
  • T2 flat: 2,721 EUR/m²
  • Apartment T3: 2,551 EUR/m²
  • Apartment T4 and more: 2,424 EUR/m²

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The average price in this municipality is 1% lower than the average recorded for the entire department, i.e. 2,641 EUR/m². Find Fnaim ads for property to buy and rent in Grenoble.

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Rent in Grenoble: price per m² for the last 4 quarters

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant in Grenoble, you will also be curious about the differences in rentals. This data from the Clameur Observatory is based on leases concluded in the city during one year.

In Grenoble, the median* rent for apartments in all areas combined (excluding fees) has reached €13/m² over the last 4 quarters.
An upward trend is evident in the amount of rents. Housing valuations in the city actually increased by +2.8% compared to the same period last year.
Median rent* by type of accommodation offered for rent in Grenoble (based on the last 4 quarters and excluding fees):

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  • Apartment T1: 16 EUR/m²
  • Apartment T2: €12/m²
  • Apartment T3 and more: €11/m²

We observe that rents increased by +4.3% for housing type T1, by +1.2% for T2 and +2.4% for T3 and above compared to the same period of the previous year. Within 5 years, the following developments must be taken into account depending on the type of rental property. For example, we see a development of +7.4% for T1, +3% for T2 and +4.9% for T3 and above.

* The median price shows that half of the leases were concluded at a lower price and the other half at a higher price. This indicator is more representative of completed transactions than the average, as it is less affected by extreme values.

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Living or investing in Grenoble: real estate opportunities not to be missed

Located in the Isère department of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Grenoble officially covers an area of ​​over 18 km² and has a total population of 157,650.
Grenoble is an attractive and dynamic city. INSEE lists these facilities there: in terms of culture, there are 4 theaters and 5 cinemas. In terms of sports, it has 6 swimming pools, 22 gymnasiums and 27 stadiums. There are 3,003 shops for shopping or everyday needs. From students to retirees to families, all residents can enjoy the tranquility of the city’s 69 green spaces.

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