Microsoft to invest 4 billion euros in artificial intelligence and cloud in France

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Microsoft will invest 4 billion euros in France. The American IT giant wants to develop its infrastructures in the field of artificial intelligence and the cloud.


– Microsoft will create a new data center near Mulhouse in Haut-Rhin.

Record investments in sight. Microsoft announced this Monday morning, a few hours before the start of the Choose France summit in Versailles, that it intends to invest 4 billion euros in developing data centers in France to strengthen its artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud infrastructure. “This is the most important investment we have ever made in France”specified its president Brad Smith in an interview with AFP, and for the American company in recent months it is one of the most important abroad in the field of AI, in which it invests massively.

AND new data center of Microsoft must be set up in the east of France near Mulhouse, while existing sites in the Paris area and near Marseille will be expanded. These specialized buildings contain computer servers necessary for the proper functioning of cloud and AI technologies, which are very energy intensive. They will be equipped with the latest generation processors with up to 25,000 GPU (graphics processing unit) capacity to power France’s cloud and artificial intelligence services.

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Microsoft has also pledged that its site will work 100% renewable energy, including its data centers, by 2025. In addition to infrastructure development, the company wants to train almost a million people in France in AI professions by the end of 2027, through various training programs and partnerships. The group also promises to support more than 2,500 start-ups in the same period.

According to Brad Smith, these investments will allow France, already a major player in artificial intelligence, to accelerate the sector. The IT giant will further consolidate its presence in France, where it has been operating since 1983 and employs more than 2,100 people. The Windows manufacturer already announced in February that it would invest almost 15 million euros in the French start-up AI Mistral, a gem in its field. France isn’t the only one benefiting from Microsoft’s massive AI and cloud investments. In recent months, the company has increased its foreign investment announcements, including $3.4 billion in Germany, $2.1 billion in Spain and $2.9 billion in Japan.

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