Los Angeles: Marilyn Monroe’s home at center of legal battle

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The property where Marilyn died was to be demolished by her buyers before it was protected by the City of Los Angeles. A decision that the new owners decided to challenge in court, believing that there was nothing historical about the sites.

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– 12305 5th Helena Drive, Los Angeles

It remains one of the great icons of Hollywood, symbolizing the glamor of a bygone era. And yet today part of his legacy is under threat. Marilyn Monroe fans are in turmoil as the fate of the Hollywood icon hangs in the balance. Located in the prestigious Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. that Marilyn Monroe was found dead in 1962. Today, however, the house is at the heart of a dispute between its neighbors, the new owners and the municipality Parisian on May 12.

Built in 1929, this hacienda, with architecture that mimics the Spanish colonial style, has become the center of a bitter legal battle. The new owners, heiress Brinah Milstein and her husband, former reality TV producer Roy Bank, who acquired the property for $8.4 million in 2022, want to demolish it to expand their neighboring property, but the municipality of Los Angeles decided to keep it. The owners say the house has no significant connection to Marilyn Monroe, pointing out that the star lived there only shortly before her death in 1962. Still, proponents of the hacienda’s listing as a historic monument insist on its cultural and historical significance to the city.

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A project that is not to the taste of the municipality of Los Angeles

Marilyn Monroe fans are mobilizing to save their idol’s home. City Councilwoman Traci Park, inspired by the actress’ legacy, advocates for the preservation of the house, pointing out every detail that reflects Marilyn’s personality. “Every detail of the house, from the exposed beam ceilings to the tiles hand-selected during her travels around the world, reflects her personal character.“, she says. An opinion that is absolutely not shared by the owners, whose the permit was revoked by Los Angeles City Hall.

They are not going to stop there. Despite the Los Angeles City Council’s unanimous decision to classify the hacienda, they filed a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles, accusing the municipality of illegal maneuvers and seeking to block the classification process. They consider that the residence does not meet the requirements to become a cultural and historical monument, and the file does not deserve further investigation. The fate of the house will have to be decided by the Los Angeles municipality this summer.

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