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Posted May 13, 2024 at 3:15 pm.

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On her Instagram account, decorating influencer Alicia Martinez offers to create the perfect small balcony in a DIY version. All from pieces found at IKEA. Great idea and at a low price. Lets go !

The return of sunny days, the desire for peace. Spring is the perfect time to create a little corner of paradise in which to bask in the sun. If every year major decoration brands present their outdoor collections to turn terraces and balconies into real extra rooms, some prefer to use their creativity to green outdoor spaces. DIY for adapting flower pots, an activity to create the perfect garden table, a tip for (re)whitening plastic garden furniture… There is no shortage of ideas. On social networks, lovers of the Swedish brand IKEA have fun sharing a whole range of misappropriations of furniture and garden decoration items. This ranges from creating an outdoor shower to creating a candle holder to a breathtaking before and after. The latest find? The transformation of the balcony of Instagrammer Alicia Martinez, better known under the nickname @alichuree. Discovery.

IKEA Hack: Here’s how to set up a balcony?

Between its outdoor collection and pieces that brighten up small exteriors, IKEA continues to help us reinvent our spaces. Whether you prefer a Zen garden, a Mediterranean balcony or an ultra-solar terrace with a touch of bright colors. Everything is possible. The Instagrammer opted for an “Andalusian patio” for inspiration. Graphic cement tiles, propagating plants and beautiful materials. His urban oasis has it all. In a tutorial shared on her account, she explains how to give your balcony a new look. After cleaning the exterior with a vacuum cleaner, he begins by covering the floor of his patio with trellis. The perfect alternative to tiles and other outdoor floor coverings.

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How to choose a patio cover?

To customize her balcony and make her outdoor space unique, the influencer turns to the “MÄLLSTEN” model, sold at €39.99 for 9 pieces. If you want to follow his lead, it’s important to know the surface area you have available. The Swedish giant provides a solution on its website: “To calculate the surface area of ​​the outdoor space to be covered, multiply the length by the width. For example, width 3 m x length 5 m = 15 m². » Once the result is achieved, it is enough to secure the required number of grates. Sold in parquet, you will need to plan a little wider to have room for tiles. Here again IKEA explains:

  • “For 2 m² you need 3 packages
  • You need 7 packages for 5 m²
  • You need 9 packages for 7 m²
  • You need 13 packages for 10 m²
  • You need 15 packages for 12 m²
  • You need 23 packages for 18 m²
  • You need 25 packages for 20 m²
  • You need 31 packages for 25 m²
  • You need 37 packages for 30 m² »

Once the material is collected, all you have to do is place the plastic structures on the ground and then “pin” the tiles on top. Be careful if you have a bit of an unusual space, the step may be more difficult than expected. Alicia Martinez shows in her tutorial that the tiles may not cover the floor perfectly. In this case, you will need to cut the plastic structure with a cutter and/or saw. For tiles, the IKEA Hack queen recommends “carrelette”. A machine also called a tile cutter. Repeat the step with the grids cut to the correct dimensions and that’s it.

How to decorate your balcony to make it a warm terrace?

Once the floor is covered with the ultra-design tile, all that remains is to arrange the garden furniture. For this, @alichuree turns to a designer outdoor chair. A reissue of an IKEA model from the 1970s decorated with stripes and fitted with large soft cushions. She also adds a colorful lantern and a blanket to slip into the basket for cooler evenings. A wreath, server and chaise longue could also find their place in this set. Finally, to perfect the style and preserve the privacy and tranquility of the balcony, she propagates plants and other pots everywhere. In rattan, terracotta or plastic, materials and colors mix to create a joyful combination that will put a smile on your face. Want to embark on the same adventure? Here is the step by step in pictures.

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