How to appeal after exam results?

During the exam session, after submitting the paper, you will ask yourself a thousand and one questions about the result. If you realize you couldn’t miss it, wait for the results and act accordingly. For example, if it was an oral exam and the teacher graded you positively on his mark sheet, you have every right to say that you passed. To recall be able to Also tarnish your image with one or more teachers. So be really careful about that when taking action. you can too ask the student council for help from your school.

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1/ Ask yourself the motivation behind your approach

To get started, ask yourself why would you do that ? If it’s just an ego thing, you can forget about it. If you guess have strong arguments, You can submit an appeal to the examination board secretariat. It could be inappropriate exam conditions and/or questions outside the studied material. For this you will need to prepare a defense, both written and oral. Go check out your copyit can persuade or dissuade you from taking action. Observe your copy to spot possible errors in point counting, for example.

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2/ Write a letter in which you explain the reasons for your action

After consideration, you decide to file an appeal. To do this, you will need to write a letter explain in detail but very clearly, which encourages you to do so. So remember: detail detail not too long and very precise way. It is also important to provide evidence such as photos taken during the visit to your copy that can support your argument. When it comes to organizing your letter, there is don’t forget a few details .

  • Place and date of your letter
  • Nice
  • One paragraph per argument
  • Polite expressions (greetings, thanks and closing)
  • Your signature

3/ Submit within three days of publication of results

This is certainly the most important detail when preparing your appeal. After the results are published, you have three days express your intentions. This is your letter sent by registered mail and/or the delivery of your letter to the secretariat of the examination board against the delivery of the acknowledgment of receipt. It is therefore ao internal appeal what are you doing there. If you do not win your case, you can take the “case” externally to the Board of Appeal. Please note that this does not apply if you can take this exam in a second sitting.

4/ Sent by registered mail and/or in person with counter confirmation of receipt

Obviously, you can’t just send it to anyone and anything. It’s always best to do bring it yourself by handat the examination board secretariat. This in turn will give you an acknowledgment of receipt. Here’s how to get started. you can too Send by mailbut in a way recommended. This means that the post office will take care of delivering your letter to your hand.

The time of blocking and exam session is getting closer for the students. After receiving your results, you may not disagree with some comments. In this case, you can start an appeal process. Kotplanet will help you put it together. start with ask yourself the reasons . Know the difference between valid and inappropriate reasons. You will have to write a letter officer to explain the motivation for your actions. You will need to post and/or deliver the letter in person within three days of the announcement Result. You can send your letter to start the process by registered mail and/or deliverto the secretariat of the examination board with a counter-confirmation of acceptance.

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