GARD Police are responding to a suspicious death at a retirement home

The resident allegedly committed violence against other residents. The woman was found dead.

Information target Gard. On the night from Saturday to Sunday, a tragedy occurred at the EHPAD in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon (Gard). The staff of this private establishment found a dead lady aged 94. If the investigation of police officers from the Villeneuve and Avignon police stations under the direction of the Nîmes Public Prosecutor’s Office is just beginning, the investigation is underway at this facility. Auditions are currently underway.

According to initial evidence, a resident of the same age initially committed violence against the “residents” of this retirement home. A dead woman who does not belong to the family tree was found in this configuration. An investigation into intentional violence resulting in death without intent is ongoing, a judicial qualification that may evolve depending on the elements that are gathered. The retirement home takes in seniors, the vast majority of whom are “semi-paid or dependent,” according to a city source.

The investigation continues…

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