TUI fly will revisit the safety guidelines again

The most memorable ones often feature celebrities, such as Air New Zealand, which offered part of the casting Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson or Qatar Airways, which took on board FC Barcelona players, Messi era. Closer to home last year, Brussels Airlines sang together with the Hooverphonic group…

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A mix of genres

Today, there are no actors, athletes or famous artists participating in this little game, but a video that rethinks the images of popular films and mixes genres – action, adventure, thriller, Bollywood. -, in color and black and white, with more than obvious nods to blockbusters such as Indiana Jones Or Kill Bill.

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Starring (spoiler alert!) the passenger dreams of being a spy, assisted by a member of the cabin crew, and goes on crazy adventures in the four corners of the world to uncover a sinister plot… All while respecting the famous in-flight guidelines of course TUI Boeings. “Safety on board is our highest priority, so it is essential to communicate our instructions effectively. This highly engaging video was created to keep the attention of all passengers“, comments Gunther Hofman, one of the airline directors.

Imagined by Leo Burnett, this British mini-film of just over four minutes was produced by Missing Link with director Alicia MacDonald at the helm.

It is available in 28 versions and eight languages ​​and has been broadcast since May 1 in most European countries. Belgian TUI passengers will be able to see it on board flights to the Caribbean, as well as on several medium-haul flights, depending on the aircraft used.

Advertiser : TUI $

Agency : Leo Burnett UK

Media : flight (plane) and social networks

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