Property: can I rent to a person without documents?

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In “Grand rendez-vous de l’immobilier” (Capital / Radio Immo), Emmanuelle Lefevre, a lawyer in Versailles, clarifies a reader who asks if he can rent his property to an undocumented person.

Capital Video: Real estate: can I rent to someone without papers?

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Every month the “Big Real Estate Meeting” (Capital / Radio Immo) answers your questions in the “Concerns You” sequence. Our experts – lawyers, notaries, real estate agents – will solve the most complex legal problems for you and provide you with sound advice, whether you are thinking about selling, buying, renting or renovating your home. Here, Emmanuelle Lefevre, a lawyer in Versailles, shines a light on Christine, a member of the Owners Club, a Facebook group managed by Capital. Our reader wants to rent out his accommodation to an undocumented person and asks if he has the right to do so.

Emmanuelle Lefevre’s answer is clear: “Hosting undocumented migrants is a crime.” This rule certainly allows for some exceptions, in the case of family ties with an undocumented person or accommodation for humanitarian reasons. But in any case consideration as rent is prohibited. Please note, however, that the landlord does not have to check the legality of the tenant’s residence permit if he does not know the tenant’s situation. Which is not for our reader, who cannot rent her accommodation to an undocumented migrant.

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