“I was told I wasn’t cut out to study, I’m now a manager in a big company”

Testimony of Maxim, 34 years old, former student of accounting for tax purposes.

According to some teachers, I was not made for studying. The elitist school repeatedly pushed me to the PMS, which, according to their test, recommended me to be a forester or a mason. Psychological monitoring was even recommended to me by this school at the time of my change of school…

But I knew I had the skills to succeed in an intellectual environment. I just needed to find an environment that would help me thrive and not one where there was pressure everywhere. The result today is astonishing: I am the manager of an important department in a company employing more than 600 employees. I am also the youngest manager in this company.

When we succeed, we inevitably remember those who told us about failure. But these people were undoubtedly our motivation to achieve this success. Therefore, I would like to say that failure is not the end, it can be turned into a driving force for success.

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