Deceived by a fake roofer, they lose almost 20,000 euros

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A couple living in Angers have fallen victim to a fake roofing company that bilked them of a large sum for fictitious work.

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– Fraudsters managed to extract almost 20,000 euros from the couple

This is nothing new, there are many frauds in the construction industry. A final example, that of a couple from Angers, Corinne and Jean (first names changed), who were victims for fake roofing scam. By publishing their misfortunes in columns Western Francethey want to share their experiences to raise awareness among vulnerable people.

The facts date to December 6, 2023. Jean, the retired husband, is approached outside their house by a person posing as a roofer, pretending to be a nearby construction site. The impostor’s arguments eventually convince Jean, who authorizes him to enter the roof of the house. The fake roofer quickly “discovered” several supposedly damaged slates and laths damaged by larvae; an argument that convinces Jean to begin repairs. In a series of visits, the couple see each other captured the amount of 18,400 euros for fictitious work.

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The company has no legal existence

Corinne and Jean realize the scam after investigating the bogus offer provided and realize they have fallen victim to a sophisticated scam. The listed company is not listed and the SIRET number does not exist. Feeling cheated, the couple contacted the Association Force Ouvrière Consommateur 49 for help. “They were threatened with legal action against them. They dragged it out until April, when we finally agreed on an amount of 8,000 euros and I signed the dismissal letter.” explains Corinne.

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Despite trying to resolve the dispute, the couple has had no further messages from the fraudulent entity. An accident that left traces of distrust and bitterness in Corinne and Jean, now more wary of fraudsters.

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