Co-ownership: how can I join a shared space?

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In “Grand rendez-vous de l’immobilier” (Capital / Radio Immo), Emmanuelle Lefevre, a lawyer in Versailles, explains to the reader whether one of her neighbors has the right to take over a shared space without a co-ownership agreement.

Capital Video: Co-ownership: how can I connect a shared space?

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Every month the “Big Real Estate Meeting” (Capital / Radio Immo) answers your questions in the “Concerns You” sequence. Our experts – lawyers, notaries, real estate agents – will solve the most complex legal problems for you and provide you with sound advice, whether you are thinking about selling, buying, renting or renovating your home. Here Emmanuelle Lefevre, a lawyer in Versailles, tells Olivier, a member of the Owners Club, a Facebook group managed by Capital. Our reader is a co-owner in Lille. One of his neighbors awarded himself a common spacewhich presents a problem within co-ownership.

According to Emmanuelle Lefevre, this scenario happens very often. And obviously Olivier’s neighbor is to blame because he has to get approval for the co-ownership. The co-owner will therefore have to go to the general meeting and obtain a double majority of votes – at least half of the co-owners, representing two-thirds of the votes, must agree to this sale and the amendment to the co-ownership regulations. And then he will have to go before a notary. But without prior permission and in case of persistent disagreements, the co-ownership may request demolition and reconstruction.

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