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In the heart of Montmartre, in the busy and touristy district of Abbesses, a duplex house is undergoing renovation. Left in its original state for 30 years and with an outdated decoration, it is about to tell a new story. A place redesigned by the architect CĂ©line Parisse, which knows how to combine optimization and subtlety. Because nothing fancy here. We opted for understated chic with an assertive character. It starts with mastering materials and textures. If the narrative will serve, multiplying them and risking a visual cacophony is out of the question. So we carefully select them and scatter them in every room. A common thread like a ping-pong game that creates harmony.
There is wood. A nut to welcome guests and which reaches into the kitchen as if to guide us. So it’s no surprise that you’ll also find it on the staircase, a piece of theater if the project has anything to do with it. Here again it reveals itself in majesty without overdoing it. Here he tells the story again. Here again it becomes multiple. Because the decor is not just a bubble of calm, it must also be functional and useful to welcome the owners and their two children.
The architect therefore reevaluates, enlarges, and optimizes volumes to make them appear larger. Walls are falling, windows are being uncovered and storage spaces are blooming. It optimizes itself.

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Between modernity and classicism

Outdated accommodation will be transformed into a family environment, even if this means losing some of the old features. Very bad. Even as some of these elements of the past disappear, a new magic is created. It oscillates between modernity and classicism, minimalism and retro. In short, a style full of nuances and contrasts. Textures interact and balance each other. The warmth of the wood is enhanced by contact with the harsher cold of the sandstone and zellige. Earthy tones, sometimes dark, once again enchant the variations of white, going up to light gray. And then there’s the color. Not very present, but still makes an impression. Green first. Deaf, fir, linden. Then blue. Marine and clean. Tones that emphasize function dramatize the room.
The architect also had a mission to bring more light. If it involves essentially white walls and redistribution of partitions, it also plays with artificiality. And what better way than mirrors. On cupboard doors or as a revision of old moles, they appear everywhere. The light reflects and bathes the space. So they appear larger when the sky or other pieces are projected onto them.
Duplex comes back to life. The completely open first level now offers a beautiful reception area. The private area upstairs retains its three bedrooms set under the roof. A true haven of peace, far from the hustle and bustle of Paris.

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