“Told Story”: lives incognito on the roof of a supermarket

In the state of Michigan in the United States, a woman lived on the roof of a supermarket in a triangular structure she built for almost a year.

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– The resident lived in the triangular structure that overlooks the sign for almost a year

It’s an unusual story to say the least Parisian on May 10, confirming information from the Associated Press (AP). across the atlantic a 34-year-old woman was found living on the roof of the house supermarket in Midland, Michigan. The surprising “discovery” was made by service providers working at the site on April 23 when they entered the triangle sign. “It’s a long story: only someone lives in the storeBrennon Warren, a Midland police officer, told the AP.

The woman, of no fixed address, told authorities she had lived in the triangular structure, which bears the name “Family Fare,” for nearly a year. About two meters high and 1.5 meters wide, with doors, it was equipped with “floor“and one”mini office», the police specified to the AP agency. Inside, law enforcement officers found modern conveniences such as a coffee maker, printer and computer, as well as clothing.

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No court proceedings

Electricity was supplied by a power cable plugged into a socket on the roof, but strangely no ladder was found to allow access to the roof. Police believe the user gained access to the roof by climbing through the back of the store or through other nearby businesses. After being exposed, the woman was cooperative and agreed to leave the place without any trouble. The police took no action against him, only providing him with information about housing support services in the area.

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