Oil: English company announces new deposits in Africa

English company Panoro Energy recently announced the discovery of a large oil deposit in an oil producing area DussafOn Gabon. This discovery, made in the northeastern extension of the field Hibiscus Southconfirms Gabon’s large oil potential and opens promising new prospects for the future of the country’s oil industry.

The discovery of this new oil field represents a significant step forward for the country from central Africa, which is already known for its huge reserves of hydrocarbons. The field is located in the fertile Dussafu region and strengthens Gabon’s position as one of the leading oil producers in sub-Saharan Africa. This also confirms the country’s status as an attractive destination for international investors in the hydrocarbon sector.

Panoro Energy expressed its enthusiasm for the potential of this new deposit, highlighting its quality and estimated profitability. We will use the existing production infrastructure in the vicinity to rapidly grow these high margin barrels in the current campaign said J.John HamiltonCEO of Panoro.

This discovery demonstrates Panoro Energy’s technological expertise and commitment to the petroleum resource optimization process. The confirmation of this oil deposit also strengthens investor confidence in the Gabonese oil sector and opens up new opportunities for the country’s economic and social development. The potential of this new deposit, according to consistent sources, is estimated at 14 million barrels.

With the additional revenue from mining these new reserves, Gabon is well positioned to increase its reserves economic growthcreate some jobs and invest in infrastructure projects necessary for the well-being of its residents. As the country continues its economic development, it is essential to ensure that natural resources are used responsibly. We must work to minimize environmental impacts by maximizing socio-economic benefits for local communities.

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