Devils’ ‘Tintin’ jersey, once criticized, is a hit abroad: ‘We want to expand our audience’

Nadal and Alcaraz in Las Vegas, a media coup for Netflix, which in turn embarks on a battle for sports rights

Selling based on results

On the Adidas side, we confirm this craze for Devils blue jerseys, although the details remain confidential. “It is a jersey that has been very well received by the general public almost everywhere in our traditional marketsexplains Frank Basters, Director of Brand Activation at Adidas. The first sales were very fast.” Belgium has historically not been one of the countries that sell the most jerseys for the German equipment manufacturer. “Sales depend a lot on the size of the country, its football culture and of course its sporting results. Argentina’s jerseys sold like hotcakes after the country’s recent World Cup victory. On the other hand, once a country is knocked out of the competition, the drop is automatic,” he insists to his Frank Basters.

According to one report, production costs would represent only 6.5% of the total cost of the Adidas national football team jersey in 2018.

Jerseys are big money business. Every two years, specifically with the main competitions approaching, the national football teams change their uniforms, much to the delight of Nike, Adidas and Puma, whose sales are skyrocketing. Faced with giants like Brazil, Germany or England, who only adjust their equipment homeopathically, little Belgium often has to be original.

Hell of a budget

If the federation touches the red color of the traditional jersey very little (for home matches and with which the Red Devils will also play at the Euros), they still release the “outdoor” and training jerseys. “Belgium has developed a lot in the last ten yearsanalyzed by Frank Basters. The Belgian federation is very innovative. They are a pleasure to work with and we have had great success with iconic Belgian jerseys such as Tomorrowland or the cycling jersey.” Adidas’ goal is not only aesthetic. “We want to expand the traditional audience of football fans to other targets, such as music or comic fans.”

The most expensive sport in Belgium amounts to several thousand euros per year

What does the sale of these jerseys bring to the Belgian Football Federation? The numbers are also confidential. According to various NGOs (see below), the profit margins on this type of swimwear produced at low prices in Asia are particularly high. Production costs would thus represent only 6.5% of the total price of the jersey in 2018. At €150 for an “authentic” outdoor jacket, on the other hand, the slate is rising very quickly to support it. “That may seem high, but it is the official kit that the Red Devils will be playing with, excuses the Adidas manager. So it is the best in terms of quality. We also have various other cheaper price ranges of jerseys designed for fans.”

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