3 Strategies for Developing Your Creativity in Communication Studies

You study communication and wonder how to increase creativity? You must always be able to find new ideas, new original angles. In short, you are always looking for new things and creativity. Kotplanet gives you all 3 strategies for developing your creativity.

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1/ Write

The more you write, the more comfortable you will become.. Choose one topicand run it challenge to write an article in a limited time. You’ll need to find a theme, an angle, and that will spark your creativity. You’ll see, youyou will find ideas faster and faster and you will be more and more efficient.

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If you are on the phone, test multimediaon the one hand you can see what you prefer, if you are more into print media, or more into radio, etc. Moreover, this technique will give challenges and step out of your comfort zone. When you read the article, ask yourself how you might use it sonically or audiovisually. On the contrarywhen you see a report on TV, you can practice finding an angle that can be adapted to print.

3/ Get out of your comfort zone

The most important thing in journalism and communication is no don’t stay in your comfort zone. You won’t always write on subjects you know and master, no you don’t always choose things you like. So practice immediately when your teacher asks you to write an article. born Do not systematically choose a topic that you know and are good at. You’ll find out a lot this way!

When you are a communication student, your creativity will often be put to the test. But don’t panic, it can be worked on. You can test your brain, write and look at all the different forms of communication around you, it will surely inspire you.

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