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Posted May 10, 2024 at 2:14 pm.

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Do you need inspiration on how to arrange a dining area? Check out the creations of interior designers to find a dining room style that really suits you. Enough to arrange beautiful and tasty meals in a warm and stylish space.

Dining room or actual reception, the dining room is a place that deserves our full attention. Often neglected in favor of the kitchen or living room, its layout can quickly become a headache. You have to find the right balance between decorative desires and the need for space. Between practical and beautiful. To answer all your questions, we invite you to discover the most ingenious projects of interior designers regarding this corner of the house. Whether in a small apartment or an XXL household, there is a dining room for all styles. Stock up on inspiration.

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How to arrange the furniture in the dining room?

A dining area in the living room, a dedicated room, a corner under the stairs, a kitchen open to the dining room… The possibilities are endless. If you want to maximize the space you have, it’s important to think carefully about the layout of your dining room. After completing this step, you can focus on choosing furniture. Again, here are some suggestions. You will have to find the perfect designer chairs, a round, square or rectangular table around which the whole thing will revolve and also think about the lighting.

If you decide to arrange a dining room against a wall or a glass roof, you may choose a bench option. A space-saving piece of furniture in front of which you can place a table and, if space allows, additional seats. However, if your dining area is invited into the living room to create a connection between the kitchen and the living room, you have several options. Choosing a round table facilitates circulation, playing with geometry by mixing a linear table and rounded seats structures the place. In short, it’s up to you to have fun creating your dining room based on your decorative wishes.

How to place a dining table?

To find the perfect dining table to enhance your interior, start by asking yourself how you will use it. Although there are tables for small spaces, both beautiful and functional, the more classic formats – oblong or round – will be perfect allies for entertaining or gatherings of the whole family. However, if you want to twist the style of a traditional dining room, you can opt for a high table.

Whatever your choice, you must make sure to respect the following rule: leave a distance of 120 centimeters between the table and the rest of the elements to facilitate movement and avoid accidents. As for the combination with the seats, here again you will have to use your sense of arithmetic. Even though many brands offer complete lounges, it is still possible to misalign the chairs. As explained in a previous article, “it is often advisable to choose models whose seat is 30 centimeters lower than the top of your dining table”. Once you have all these rules in your head, all that’s left is to use your creativity to play with materials and colors.

How to insulate the dining room?

To make your dining room a real cocoon where you feel good, it is best to focus on decoration. Start by setting the mood you want. For a Mediterranean-style dining area, prefer natural materials – wood, rattan, reed – and choose an earthy or nude color palette that warms the atmosphere. Touches of blue, pink, terracotta, brown or beige create a very pleasant atmosphere. Do you want something more design and modern? Why not focus on designer pieces or beautiful materials such as marble, travertine, polished concrete or transparent glass? The minimalist spirit of some tables and chairs can be countered with a small amount of color. Klein blue, green, orange… Everything blends perfectly with white and black, which is traditionally found in ultra-modern dining rooms.

In the end, you will have to think about the details. Graphic paintings, warm rugs, vases and other small objects also find a special place in the decoration of the dining area. There are also many ingenious ideas to decorate your dining table. But at this point again, it’s always best to trust yourself and listen to your decorating desires to create an interior that really suits you.

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