Spring cleaning: how to do it effectively in less than 30 minutes?

Someone may want to freshen up their interior with the arrival of spring. However, cleaning can quickly become a (very) boring task. You have to clean every room in the house from top to bottom, not to mention cleaning. But then how can you do an effective cleaning without spending hours on it and still be efficient?

The cleaning done in 30 minutes will not be perfect, but for its successful execution you can focus on living rooms (living room and kitchen), but also on those where cleanliness is even more important (bathroom and toilet).

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Clean effectively in 10 minutes

If you want to perform an effective cleaning, do not hesitate to challenge yourself. How ? By activating the timer on your phone. This way you will be more motivated. Spend 5 to 10 minutes cleaning. Start by putting the lying objects in their place so that you can see them more clearly. Anne Mathieu, daily facilitator, told us:that for every object it is essential to find a place in the house“. In the living room and bedroom, don’t forget to straighten the pillows, fold the bedspreads or store them in the chest so that you don’t have a “visual mess” again. If you are used to placing magazines on the coffee table, take the opportunity to also place them correctly on top of each other so that they form a nice straight stack.

Use this cleaning time to air out your interior. This often forgotten gesture is nevertheless essential. Not only will the air be refreshed, but your home will be cleaned and your health will be preserved. The Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME) reminds us that we spend an average of 80% of our time indoors, especially our interior. But the air in houses and apartments is of worse quality than the air outside. There are several reasons: cigarette smoke and its particles, household and cosmetic products, vacuuming, humidity… WHO reminds that “3.8 million people die prematurely from diseases caused by indoor air pollutionThat is why it is important to open our windows.

Vacuum and scrub for 10 to 15 minutes

Good spring cleaning requires good vacuuming. Spend five to ten minutes vacuuming the main traffic areas. Do not neglect carpets, which often have small dirt. The goal is to clean what is most visible. You will definitely need a little more time if you want to vacuum every corner of the house.

There is nothing worse than seeing small stains on the fridge, cupboard, door handles, kitchen counter… Also spend 5 to 10 minutes removing them from the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Do not hesitate to spend more time cleaning the sink, sink and toilet. For greener cleaning, prefer natural products such as white vinegar, but also baking soda. Don’t forget to wipe the mirrors at home. Small fingerprints often appear there.

And the remaining minutes?

In the last few minutes you have left, do one last tour of your home and observe the areas you’ve forgotten about. If necessary, perform a final wipe to remove dust. Don’t neglect the entrance. Too often forgotten, this room is the first we see when we go to someone’s home. So don’t hesitate to store your shoes in the shoe rack and hang your jackets and coats on hangers. Organize things in the house one last time to feel even better at home.

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