President Talon’s reaction to the Nigerian oil shipment

Benin President Patrice Talon has confirmed his country’s decision to ban the shipment of Nigerian oil from the Benin port of Sèmè

“We told the Chinese that there can be no ships in our waters to load Nigerian products, while Niger banned all trade with Benin by closing its borders,” President Talon said in an interview on Benin’s public television on Wednesday, May 8.

90,000 barrels will be shipped per day

Through a pipeline nearly 2,000 kilometers long, Niger began sending its oil to Benin to be sold on the international market by the Chinese company CNPC, the main shareholder.

90,000 barrels will be transported each day from the Agadem site located in the Diffa region of southeastern Niger near the Chadian border.

The first quantity of this oil arrived in Sèmè on 21 April.

In an interview with the Nigerian online newspaper “Aïr Infos”, Nigeria’s interim Prime Minister Ali Mahamane Lamine Zeine said it was “first for the Chinese to resolve the matter with the Beninese”, adding that Niger “sticks to the substance of the agreement” it signed with Benin on the flow of oil from the port of Sèmè. »

Relations remain strained

Relations between Niger and Benin have been strained since the July 26 coup against President Mohamed Bazouma.

In addition to closing Benin’s borders with Niger as part of sanctions imposed by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the new military authorities criticized Patrice Talon’s regime for allowing the deployment of foreign forces, particularly French. , in Benin territory, for the purpose of aggression against Niger.

These authorities not only terminated the military agreement between Niger and Benin, but also deployed a large security system to block the main land route that connects the two countries.

Despite the lifting of ECOWAS sanctions against Niger last February and Benin’s decision to reopen its borders, the blockade remains in place.

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