Maghreb: Turkey wants to invest in this sector

Energy and natural resources again took center stage during the 12th meeting of the Algerian-Turkish Joint Intergovernmental Commission for Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation held recently in Ankara. The meeting was an opportunity for both countries to strengthen their energy and mining ties with ambitious projects on the horizon.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the revelation by the Algerian Minister of Energy and Mines of ongoing negotiations between Sonatrach, the national energy giant, and Tosyali, a major player in the Turkish steel industry, to produce hydrogen in Algeria. This announcement demonstrates the growing interest of foreign investors in the Algerian energy market, both for its economic attractiveness and for its export potential to the European Union, a sustainable external market.

At the same time, the hydrocarbon sector remains a fundamental pillar of bilateral cooperation. Sonatrach is exploring new ways of energy cooperation in discussions with the Turkish groups Botas and Turkish Petroleum (TPAO). These negotiations pave the way for promising joint projects that will strengthen ties between the two countries and help meet growing demand in the international market.

The importance of Turkey as a market for Algeria cannot be underestimated, especially with regard to exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG). With more than 30% of Algeria’s LNG exports going to Turkey, the country is a strategic energy partner for Algeria. This energy cooperation has made it possible to guarantee Turkey’s energy security in a global context marked by geopolitical tensions and ever-increasing energy demand.

However, cooperation between Algeria and Turkey is not limited to the field of energy. Both countries have indeed taken joint initiatives in the mining sector. Already established in the steel industry in Algeria, Tosyali is now interested in processing iron ore mined from the Gara Djebilet mine. Located in the B├ęchar industrial zone, this project provides significant production capacity that will contribute to the revitalization of the local economy.

With this in mind, the creation of a joint company dedicated to mining research is being explored, demonstrating the desire of both countries to diversify their partnership beyond the energy sector. This project fits perfectly with Algeria’s mineral resource development policy, confirming the country’s long-term vision for sustainable development.

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