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A game of musical chairs. Located on the top floor of a building from the 1970s, this 46 m2 it seems to rub against the sky. But despite the interesting potential, the plans and appearance of the apartment are far too outdated. After that, it is necessary to redraw the volumes and redistribute the rooms. Architect Eugénie Bliah at work. The project manager and hostess of these places designs an intimate and minimalist interior. His inspiration? His childhood in Japan. From these distant memories comes back her taste for simple things, open houses without corridors or even a special attraction for natural materials. So he breaks down barriers as much as he can. It gains valuable square meters and frees up perspectives. This two-piece is more functional and looks much bigger than it is.
In addition, in this two-bed apartment, it was important that nothing obstructs the circulation of light. Bright walls, light colors, low furniture that respects the openings… The architect did everything to get clarity and depth.

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A Zen atmosphere and a rediscovered perspective

Among the big projects was the entrance. Initially too large, yet unusable, it was enough to remove this airlock from the partition and transform it into an open and well-designed kitchen. Now closer to the living room, this room helps bring the layout more in line with current codes. The apartment is also centered around this new location. On one side is the reception, on the other is the sleeping area. The sleeping space has also been reintroduced into a kind of master suite, where the redesigned bedroom, relocated bathroom and created office form a mineral and cohesive whole.
Once the plans are redesigned and balanced, it’s time to address the color. It will be basically mineral. Then the red between the terracotta bricks, inspired by the facade and railing of the building, completes this Zen decor with touches.
Finally, there is the wood. It’s made of mosaic parquet. Sanded and whitewashed, it gets a second life without forgetting the style and time of the site’s construction.
There is also a walnut. Darker, this essence can be found on the kitchen counter as well as in the bedroom storage space, bringing a bit of Japanese tradition.
The result is a calm atmosphere and a feeling of space, which continues thanks to the renovated terrace.

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