Properties: poor paying tenants blacklisted

Faced with an increase in unpaid rent, many landlords are organizing among themselves on social media to share their bad experiences and identify bad payers. A kind of black list, the operation of which is prohibited by law.

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– For example, on Facebook, names can be published directly in a post or comment.

These are homeowners’ nightmares: tenants who do not pay rent. Although financial reasons can sometimes explain this failure, the fact remains that it is about lost profit for the lessor, who often has a loan to repay to finance these investments, which he cannot politely ignore. How it was written Internet userin the face of the reoccurrence of these cases, some owners decided to take the bull by the horns and get organized. Even if it means being outside the law.

Their solution, black list of defaulters. This list would then circulate among owners to keep out “bad” tenants and help others avoid their failures. It is especially through social networks that the phenomenon has grown where owner groups have formed. Although the practice is completely illegalEveryone assumes that some see it as a mutual aid rather than a denunciation.

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The pros are getting started

In fact, this claim is debatable. For example on Facebooknames can be directly published in a post or comment. A personal file is also in circulation, which donors send by private message upon request. Some real estate professionals also no longer hesitate to succumb to temptationto gather information between agents, but also by asking about potential defaulters in these groups.

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This practice is completely prohibited by law, is in the sights of the National Commission for Information Technology and Freedom (Cnil), but also the moderation of social networks. Facebook says it is prepared to delete accounts that feed or distribute these names. further these lists often completely ignore context : unexpected financial difficulties can lead tenants to default without necessarily becoming targets for blacklisting.

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