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“I have four children and I wanted a ‘family room’, kitchen-dining-living room-TV, where everyone gathers at any time of the day. The children do their homework there, I cook, watch a movie or football. This is also where the arguments begin! The kids get up and everyone runs to their room and slams the door. It’s the “living room” of the house! »

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Relaxation zone

“The sofa immediately destroys the spirit of the kitchen. To make it sparkly and happy, I covered mine with a fabric brought from Marrakesh and topped it with multicolored cushions, the embroidered “Love” ones my oldest sons gave me, and small flower cakes by the artist Murakami, which he bought twenty years ago in Japan . It is all the more welcoming because I have arranged the hanging of pictures and the selected gray-green wall color gives a touch of the English countryside. »

Multicolored chairs

“I love color so I zeroed in on these blue, red, green and yellow DSW chairs by Charles & Ray Eames… found at the Vanves flea market. In addition to being very comfortable—a must—they detract from the sophistication of my tables with embroidered tablecloths and the classicism of this apartment with moldings. »

A surprising table

©Tiphaine Caro

“When I’m entertaining, I like to put lots of nibbles on the table, whether it’s grapes in cups or Skittles in the little Abeille candles I designed for Dior. »

Instead of cabinets, shelves

“It’s very practical to have the plates within reach and within sight. I’m crazy about dishes and I have a totally eclectic collection: plates brought from Morocco, some found everywhere or others bought at Zara Home, some designed by me or made by artists. I instinctively mix them. It is on these shelves that I also store candlesticks, because sometimes I like to illuminate this room only with candlelight. »

Decorated hood

“My husband, who is Russian by birth, has a whole collection of Russian dolls and they landed on the hood in rows. Perfect for dressing up and reviving. »

Garden feeling

“I like to put flowers on the inside windowsill. I always choose seasonal flowers: fragrant mimosas in winter. A children’s game that immediately gives the feeling of a garden in the heart of Paris. »

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