Gas in Africa: a project connecting two countries to see the light of day

PUSH Mauritania and Senegal to prepare for the start of a new era of energy cooperation with the development of the gas project Greater Turtle Ahmeyim (GTA). This joint initiative, which is the result of close cooperation between the two countries, promises to strengthen the regional economy and strengthen the position of both nations on the global energy scene.

Located in territorial waters shared between Mauritania and Senegal, the GTA project is home to significant natural gas reserves that have attracted the attention of international energy players. This cross-border cooperation, characterized by a fair sharing of resources and benefits, demonstrates the desire of both countries to use their joint hydrocarbon potential to stimulate the economic and social development of the region.

Company Cosmic energygiant’s partner BP and PetroSen (Senegal Public Oil Company) pulls out all the stops to make the project a complete success. Kosmos Energy has announced that it has carried out major works that will facilitate the commissioning of the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim. The subsea project is progressing as expected, with pipeline installation now complete and connection work completed » Kosmos Energy will say so in a press release.

According to well-informed sources, the first productions are expected on the 3rd and 4 quarter of 2024. The use of natural gas reserves of the GTA project is of vital strategic importance for Mauritania and Senegal. In addition to enhancing their energy security and reducing their dependence on gas imports, this initiative will help diversify their respective economies and create jobs in the energy sectors. energy, engineering and related services.

The upcoming commissioning of the GTA project represents a decisive step in the economic and energy transformation of the region. With expected production million cubic meters of gas per day, The GTA project is expected to generate significant revenue for Mauritania and Senegal, both through royalties and taxes as well as business opportunities arising from the marketing of gas in regional and international markets.

The GTA project further paves the way for further opportunities for bilateral and regional cooperation in the field of energy. By strengthening ties between the two countries and promoting regional integration, this initiative will contribute to support stability and prosperity throughout the West African sub-region.

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