Despite the tensions, France, Algeria’s main economic partner

Relation ships French-Algeriandespite the often tense political context, they have not prevented economic growth between the two nations. Historical disputes, particularly over memory and immigration policy, have often led to diplomatic tensions. However, the economy sometimes seems to develop on the edge of these tensions France remains Europe’s leading economic partnerAlgeriawhich is a fact pointed out by the investigation OFATS which evaluates the establishment of European companies on Algerian soil.

The results of the OFATS survey show that France, with 201 subsidiaries established in Algeria, clearly dominates the European economic landscape in the region. This presence represents a significant increase compared to previous years, reflecting the strengthening of trade ties despite a sometimes politically charged environment.

In terms of workforce, French companies employ the largest number of people from European companies in Algeria. With 23,657 employees in 2021, it constitutes a significant workforce, although the number of employees has decreased slightly from 2011, when there were 26,708 employees. This development can be seen as an adjustment to global economic conditions rather than a reduction of the French commitment.

The turnover of French subsidiaries in Algeria reaches above 2.4 billion euros, placing France at the top of European countries in terms of trade volume. Although this amount has decreased compared to previous years when it reached 4.3 billion eurosit further testifies to the depth of French economic involvement in Algeria.

Other European countries, although present, show a different dynamic in contrast. L’Italy, after France, saw a significant decrease in the number of subsidiaries and the number of employees. L‘Spainfor its part, it stands out for the increase in both the number of its subsidiaries, as well as the number of employees and turnover, which shows the contrasting expansion strategies between European countries.

This information from the latest letter from the Regional Economic Service of the French Embassy in Algeria illustrates the evolving economic landscape where, despite political and economic obstacles, France and Algeria continue to build strong economic ties. These figures offer insight into the economic interdependence that persists between the two shores of the Mediterranean and highlight the importance of economic diplomacy in uncertain times.

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