Chad: Success Masra declares winner of presidential election ahead of official announcement (continuous)

Political tensions are rising in Chad as Prime Minister Succès Masra declared himself the winner of the presidential election before the results were officially announced. In a speech posted on his Facebook page on Thursday, May 9, Masra declared that he had won the presidency in the first round, referring to his camp’s compilation of results, which he said “sanctify the victory of change over the status quo.” .”

Masra, a 40-year-old economist who mobilized large crowds during his campaign, claimed a “loud and unblemished victory”, marking a surprise turnaround in an election that had previously appeared to favor General Mahamat Idriss Déba Itna. The latter, also aged 40, was appointed head of state by the military three years ago and was seen as the favorite to continue in charge after a three-year military transition.

However, Masra also accused Déby’s camp of preparing a victory announcement in favor of the general in order to “steal their victory from the people”. He called on the Chadians to peacefully mobilize to defend their election. “Chadians, mobilize peacefully, calmly (…) to prove your victory,” he urged.

The official announcement of the results was originally scheduled for May 21, but was moved to the evening of May 9, with a ceremonial announcement of the provisional results scheduled for 8:00 p.m. local time, Ahmed Bartchiret, president of the National Electoral Management Agency, said.

This early declaration of victory by Masra could further complicate the political situation in Chad, a country already facing security challenges and persistent instability. How Déby’s camp will react to this expected announcement remains to be seen, as will the international community’s reaction to this potentially destabilizing development.

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