Top 8 Excuses for Scraping Summary

Imagine, exams are already two weeks away… imagine! And yes, we’re not laughing anymore. Here you are lost, between the classes you missed to see your crush, the notes you didn’t write down because you were busy playing solitaire during class, and the lateness you fell in studying… so the stress builds , and you wonder how to do it. No stress, If you want to succeed in your studies, there are amazing summaries and is available. The only problem is, you don’t have them…well, not yet. Because in this article, Kotplanet offers you the best excuses to write a summaryin a delicacy (or not).

The honest version

Because yes, sometimes I doYou have to be honest in life. So instead of taking out flowers to embellish your message, you can play it fair with a simple “hi, sorry, I haven’t taken any of this course, can you lend me the summary? Thanks in advance.” After that, the other person is free to decide whether or not to accept your sincerity. But you don’t know how to control it…


Because yes, if it gives you a summary, you owe him something. After all, not something extravagant: a good high school graduate, or a drink on the terrace will surely do. But it might make a person give you a summary if they get something in return (and no, your eternal gratitude won’t be enough…sorry to tell you). So try a little “Hi, I really need your summary. But I promise I’ll give you the page count!” It will more than do the job.

Cat’s fault

Who said it’s not your fault yours pet favorite? Because yes, unfortunately, this little bugger was on your computer that was still on, and deleted all your summaries…Lack of pot. But with a little luck and less lying, you can easily win the summary.


ok for this you must have amphibious love…but once that is the case (and we’ll see you, we know very well what your motivation is for going to class), you’ll ask him for a summary. With a little luck he will give it to you and with a lot of talent you will continue the conversation to finally talk to your love. Okay, do you see why she was tactician?

Then, if you want to take the relationship further, we also have 4 ways to express your love to your crush.

“You owe me.

Imagine, in the past, you have done this person a service. And even though he thanked you, you got nothing in return. It’s time to get into the celebrity game “You owe me this for all the times you…”. He will (kindly) encourage him to send you his summary so that you eventually succeed in this course… yes yes, see you.


If you have exceptional qualities as an editor and writer, you can try a long pad to scratch your synthesis. There are lots of elements you can include that will work in your favor so that this person will eventually agree to give you their course notes (and their summaries). Well, we will not give examples of paving stones, but let yourself be carried away by the wind and your penBaudelaire.

“Do you remember when…”

Well, this one is a little more tactical than the others. Because you will have to use your memory to find a memory related to you and Mr./Ms. Synthesis, to already have an element in common. Okay, get a little creative. A simple “Do you remember when we sat next to each other” won’t help. But a little “do you remember when it was raining so we went to eat in the kettle, watch the series in the heat” might be enough…

Teacher’s mistake

Who said it was your fault if you don’t have a summary or note from this subject? Because yes unfortunately, the teacher doesn’t make you go to class, you don’t even want to take notes, and what’s more, you get lost in the material. And no one can blame you. So at least you can use that excuse for once!

Then, if you want a little advice, make your own summary, it’s already part of the material you’ve learned. And if you want more, we’ll explain why you should write a course summary.

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