Photovoltaics: is your neighborhood prone to inverter failures? A map helps you see things more clearly

This Wednesday, as reported by L’Avenir, Ores published a interactive map allowing you to check if your surroundings are prone to inverter outages.

“In certain neighborhoods, with the massive arrival of panels on roofs, it happens that the voltage on the grid increases and the inverters fail. This risk of falling off is especially high on days with strong sunlight.says Ores.

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The map shows different colors. In green, this means that less than 10% of customers experience two hours of outage during the day. Yellowish areas where 10 to 20% of customers experience two hours of outage during the day. Finally, the pink spots where more than 20% experience two hours of outage.

Click here or on the map to access the interactive map and take the test

Inverter outage: mapping the most affected areas
Inverter outage: mapping the most affected areas ©Ores

It should also be noted that there are also areas (in gray) in which there are not enough communicating meters to allow objectifying the operation of the inverters. Ores, which has already installed almost 230,000 smart meters among its customers (i.e. 16% of the total fleet), continues with the necessary installations. “All customers must be equipped by the end of 2029”Annabel Vanbever, spokeswoman for Ores, tells L’Avenir.

Thanks to this system, Ores will be able to analyze potential problems and alert customers to measures to be taken to avoid these outages. Sometimes these can be simple adjustments. “However, this sometimes requires larger investments. Today we have the budget for it, but we also need staff and to open the sidewalk we have to wait for administrative permits, which often take a long time, so we cannot commit to deadlines.”says Ores.

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