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Updated May 8, 2024 at 4:16 p.m.

We asked GUBI’s brand director to share some ideas on how to turn them into real extra living rooms where you can enjoy the next long summer days.

What makes their brand strong: A sure eye and gift for storytelling. They stretch the thread of history of iconic pieces of furniture from yesterday to bring them into dialogue with pieces of furniture from today whose story needs to be written. This art of dealing with the recomposed past in the world of interior decoration is also used in the world of exterior decoration, explains Marie Kristine Schmidt, director of the GUBI brand. We also owe them the fact that we took the well-packaged Pacha armchair by French designer Pierre Paulin out of the living room and into nature.

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Marie Kristine Schmidt suggests four tips for investing in outdoor spaces to make you feel as good there as you do indoors.

Think about the atmosphere you want

When choosing the types of furniture and lighting you want to install there, it is crucial to ask yourself how you want to spend your time in this space.. Do we want it to be suitable for eating, resting, reading, all at the same time? The MR01 rope chair by Danish designer Mathias Steen Rasmussen facilitates moments of relaxation, for example its seat is close to the ground so you can imagine a hand stroking the grass or reaching for a snack placed nearby. Tropique chairs by Hungarian designer Mathieu Matégot with white and blue stripes can be placed around the large table, which transport us to the fantasy of a very French Riviera. »

Multiply the light sources

“Ideal for creating a warm atmosphere. In addition to the light spot, we can play the elegance card with a floor lamp like those of the Satellite series, they are also available in a trailer. The first models date from 1953, their designer is also Mathieu Matégot, here he carefully processed metal and industrial material to create a timeless poetic creation. Finally, it is also welcome multiply lighting points with candles and table lamps like the Seine model by Studio Space Copenhagen, which is portable and can therefore be hung here and there to brighten up a space. »

Combine vintage and modern

“This can be done very well in the living room, bedroom or dining room, so why not do it on your terrace or balcony? Among our brand’s pieces, our bestsellers last year included the outdoor edition of Pierre Paulin’s Pacha armchair designed in 1957, where we presented it with the new Carmel ceramic coffee tables by OEO Studio, whose aubergine finish appears throughout. more brilliant. The contrast is striking. Other vintage icons that are close to my heart include the Basket Lounge chair by Italian designer Joe Colombo, which marked the end of the 1960s, or the F-Chair by French designer Marcel Gascoine, first released in 1947 by GUBI. »

Bringing indoor carpets outside

“Where I live in Copenhagen with my family, I don’t have a terrace, but a balcony, and what I appreciate is that I managed create continuity between inside and outside to feel just like at home. If you want to install a carpet intended for indoor use, why not, often the patterns of those specially designed for outdoor use are unattractive. It is important to follow your desires with an emphasis on quality and comfort.. »

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