Bridge of May 8, 2024: some hotels condemn competition from Airbnb

At the May 8 bridge, hotel owners are hoping for high traffic for their businesses, despite competition from the ever-increasing number of tourist residences rented out on Airbnb. The competition was deemed “unfair”.

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– In some cities, the number of Airbnb rentals exceeds hotels.

Anger roars. While many French people take advantage of the May 8 and Ascension public holidays for a five-day break, hotel professionals expect refuel. However, some establishments located on the Côte d’Opale in Pas-de-Calais risk not welcoming as many customers as expected and condemn competition from the Airbnb platform, reports BFMTV. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of rentals offered online between Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer has actually increased.

For hotel managers, it’s competition “unfair”. Baptiste Desgardin, owner of a business in the town of Wimereux, when asked by the continuous news channel, regrets having to support limitations which Airbnbs do not have to face. He mentions in particular “one visit every year” control your fire extinguishers, fire block and its boiler. Very expensive checks that amount to several thousand euros per year and strain the cash flow of hotel facilities.

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Restrictions for Airbnb owners coming soon

In some cities, the resurgence of Airbnbs is such that there are sometimes far fewer hotels. In Wimereux, at least 500 accommodations are offered on the platform, against less than ten hotels, our colleagues point out. Rentals that sometimes take up entire buildings when they shouldn’t the same hygiene and safety standards than hotels.

As of Tuesday, senators have been examining text that would set new restrictions on Airbnb. The bill plans to prohibit tourist rentals in particular for apartments that have a DPE lower than D. If the text is adopted, owners will have five years to comply with the new restrictions.

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