Blocking students on ULB campus: “The abysmal ignorance of these youngsters is extraordinary”

Police deployed to detain pro-Palestinian students at ULB

Elie Barnavi, when asked on the program “Les Visiteurs du Soir” on LN24 this Wednesday, expressed his astonishment: “What is exceptional about these elite places (…) is the abysmal ignorance of these young people. Because they don’t want to hear what people like me tell them, they wallow in this kind of ignorance“. The historian and essayist continues: “I am an Israeli patriot, I also follow the occupation, I have always been pro-Palestinian. I believe that Palestinians have the same rights as me and their own state. I fight for it, many of us in Israel do. Attacking me and universities, which are the place of debate, (…) is simply counterproductive“.

“They don’t want dialogue”

Brussels MP Viviane Teitelbaum also spoke on stage about this blockade: “Elie Barnavi is a balanced voice for peace. Many of us have this voice that says there must be two states living side by side in one country.“, she said. Viviane Teitelbaum also expressed the lack of dialogue with these students: “We are facing people who do not want peace or dialogue, who do not want to build bridges and who want to build walls. I regret this boycott and this rejection. I don’t think anyone, and certainly not a quality person like him (Elie Barnavi, editor’s note) they don’t deserve this treatment“.

While I am on the side of the principle of occupying these students, I find this demand for a boycott to be silly” explained Henri Goldman, a member of the Union of Jewish Progressives of Belgium (UPJB), on the “Evening Visitors” scene.

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