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Posted May 8, 2024 at 11:11 am.

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Do you want an elegant kitchenette without having to do too much? The combination of wood and black in this room has it all. The proof is these architectural projects that will make you dream.

Is the white and wooden kitchen about to be dethroned? Its all-black version has moved to the level of an iconic classic, which architects can no longer do without. The black kitchen plays with a color range that exudes elegance and modernity. We love it for its designer and ultra-modern style that creates a loft or industrial atmosphere. The only problem: it is not always easy to successfully match the wood and this dark color. Are you afraid of lack of light? Do you feel that space is immediately limited? These architectural projects will definitely clear your doubts and fears.

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What color goes with black and wood?

For a successful kitchen design, it is important to think carefully about the style you want to create. This includes a selection of beautiful raw, natural and elegant materials as well as a harmonious color swatch. The advantage of black and wood is that you can have fun with different palettes. It is better to focus on light tones so as not to lose brightness. So white and beige remain essential. Black and white kitchens are becoming more modern than ever and above all they remain a timeless classic. However, some architects sometimes focus on more pop decor by adding a touch of green to a natural or Scandinavian style kitchen. A bolder mix & match that brings a bit of greenery into the room to make it even warmer and friendlier.

Which splashback with black and wood kitchen?

Splashback is another point to focus on when designing a kitchen. Marble with gray or brown veins, zellige, tiles in the style of the Paris Metro… There are many possible variations. Here too, favor a refined and clear style for a result that fits in with the quiet luxury trend. However, wood and black are the two basics, it is possible to be a little more creative by focusing on graphic splashbacks or playing with the color of the joints.

What color floor with a black and wooden kitchen?

Finally, the third and last important point: the choice of floor covering. While many people prefer white tiles, which bring a bit of shine to the whole and visually enlarge the room, others indulge in more originality. A parquet floor that matches the wood of the kitchen furniture will warm up the atmosphere, while polished concrete or cement will add a rawer style to the whole. Finally, black tiles can find their place in a black and wooden kitchen. It will still be necessary to provide numerous skylights. We will rely on large windows or even a glass roof to let in the sun’s rays so that the decor is not too narrow.

The most beautiful inspiration for a black and wooden kitchen

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